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Autumn 1

Week beginning 16th September


In English we have been looking at the book 'The Most Magnificent Thing' by Ashley Spires.

We didn't read the book all at once! We read it in sections and then predicted what might happen next!

We thought of what magnificent models the little girl might make, who might assist her and what materials she might use.

We wrote our descriptions in sentences, thinking about our use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

eg  She made a Dragon Hopper. Her Mum and Dad helped her. Her model was purple and it was made of metal. It was big and bumpy.

This week we have learnt that capital letters do not have leads.

Homework challenge :- practise writing capital letters


In Maths we have been adding two 1-digit numbers up to 10.

We can use our fingers or counters to help us work out the answers.

Homework challenge :- Find the answers to these questions 

5+5=       0+ 8=        4+3=         1+8=        9+0=        10=5+?         7= 5+?        9= ? +1


In the afternoons we have been exploring our new unit called 'Super Humans'.

We began by comparing our human bodies with Chewy the pony and Rosie the hen. We found some similarities such as the fact that we all have two eyes and ears , but we also found lots of differences such as we have skin and Rosie has feathers!

Thank you Chewy and Rosie for helping us with our science work. You were both very well behaved.

Finally we looked out our 5 senses.


Well done to the children that read 5 times this week.

Remember to get your adult to write in your Reading Diary each time you read. Thank you.


Well done to the children who got  5 spellings correct this week


Have a lovely weekend

Week beginning 9th September 2019


In English we have been looking at and discussing the 8 learning goals that are part of our IPC (International Primary Curriculum)









We wrote simple sentences to represent each of these

eg I can help ………

I am kind to ………

I can try to find out about ………

When writing our sentences we needed to remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We also tried very hard to keep our letters sitting on the lines.

Homework challenge :- Write a sentence about what you have done over the weekend


In Maths we have been counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20.

Homework challenge :- Practise counting forwards and backwards to 20 

Practise writing numbers from 0 to 20


In the afternoons we have begun our IPC topic called 'Brainwave.'

This has been fun to learn all about the brain and how it works and things that we do every day to exercise it and keep it healthy.

We looked at lots of optical illusions, completed jigsaw puzzles with no pictures for guidance and made a pair of 3D glasses! The glasses were made out of red and blue acetate. The red lens represents 'knowledge' and the blue lens represents 'skills'

We learnt that when we put knowledge and skills together we get 'understanding'


Have a lovely weekend