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Painted rocks

This week whilst walking near my house I found a couple of painted rocks thanking our wonderful NHS and other key workers, they were very bright and wonderful to see! Can you paint a rock at home this week? Hide it on your walk and take a picture of where you have hidden it! We can upload pictures on the website of where they are hidden and then one of your friends might find it on their walk! How cool would that be?! Below are some pictures of rocks that I have seen to give you some ideas!

Please send your pictures to


This week I have been baking lots! I baked chocolate chip cookies and even a loaf of bread! Baking is lots of fun and it can also be great for learning! Can you bake at home this week? Can you measure your own ingredients? Can you read and follow a recipe? Send in your pictures of all of your baking fun! I can't wait to see them!