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Why should we look after our earth? -Spring

Week ending 8th January 2016


In maths we have been looking at telling the time. We have been concentrating on telling the time to 5 minutes and have been singing a special song which you can practice at home also . You could help this learning by practicing at home and even letting them wear their own watch!





In English lessons we have been looking at the Christian creation story. We have been looking at how they believe God created the earth and writing some fantastic noun phrases to describe the 7 days of creation.


We have been listening to this creation song to help us remember what happened on each day so we can focus on our super sentences and joined up writing.


In handwriting we have been looking at joining 'o' and 'k'. Here is a picture of the joins so you can practice at home.




In our topic we have been researching some bugs so that we can identify them and record them accurately on our bug walk in the coming weeks. We have also been mixing colours and painting them on leaves so that we can add them to our rainforest role play area. We displayed our knowledge on the creation story by making a creation mobile, showing each of the 7 days.




We have also had a wonderful time sharing our homework about rainforest animals. Thank you for your continued support.




Week ending 15th January 2016


In maths we have been looking at tally charts and block graphs. We have been collecting data and then recording them in different ways. We looked at the most popular fruits, colours and toys. We have been using rulers and this is something which we need practice with, so any help at home would be appreciated.



In English lessons we have been looking extending our sentences through using because, if, that and when. We have been reading Farmer Duck and written sentences about all the different jobs which Farmer duck had to do for the mean farmer.



In handwriting we have been looking at joining 's' and 'h', 'e' and 's'. Here is a picture of the joins so you can practice at home.


We all had a super time at farm day learning about different animals. We had an activity where we got  to go out and learn about our animals and the different food chains which they are a part of. We got to feed the animals to show the first part of the food chain and collect eggs from the chickens! We also used our knowledge on graphs to create a pictogram of our groups favourite farm yard animal. Our final activity was to make our own butter and put it on a slice of bread and eat it! To end the day we had a barn dance. Thank you very much for dressing everyone as wonderful little farmers.



Week ending 22nd January 2016


In maths we have been looking at place value and in particular partitioning numbers. We have been looking at a range of numbers and identifying which are odd and even. We have also been ordering numbers. To extend our knowledge further we looked at partitioning numbers up to 100. Any practice you could do at home with partitioning would be fantastic.

For example...

45 can be partitioned to 40 and 5 but also can be partitioned to 30 and 15. 


In English lessons we have been looking at adjectives to help add description to our writing. We all created our pet and described the different features which they have using an array of adjectives. Once we had got our pet as our main character we then used this to write a story about them continuing to use our wonderful adjectives to describe what is going on in each part. Our stories have all been written in our best cursive handwriting.



In handwriting we have been looking at joining 'r' and 'i', 'r' and 'u'. Here is a picture of the joins so you can practice at home.



In topic we have been learning all about the art work of Henri Rousseau and we even had a go at drawing our own piece of art work.


We were very lucky in year 2 to have a special visit off some animals. We welcomed Dougy the rabbit and Tally into our classrooms as we looked at the different needs of the animals. We used this knowledge to create a pet profile and describe the different needs of our pets using adjectives. Maybe you could try and do one for your pets at home!


In computing we have been out on a bug hunt and gathered data about all the different insects which we saw. Using our mathematical knowledge we recorded what we saw using a tally chart.



We continued our topic of animals into science where we were putting objects into categories of living, dead or never alive.



Week ending 29th January 2016


In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We have been re-capping our number bonds and then using these number bonds to help us solve addition and subtraction number sentences. We have been using partitioning to help us know our number facts. For example if we know 6+4=10 then we also know 4+6=10, 10-6=4 and 10-4=6. These facts can be applied to any addition number sentence and practice at home with these facts can only embed them into our learning further.



In English lessons we have been looking at adding in adverbs to our sentences for extra detail. We have actions to help us remember that an adverb describes the verb and usually ends in 'ly'. We have been reading slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth. In the story lots of different rain forest animals talk to the sloth and we have been describing the different actions these rainforest animals could be doing using our adverbs. As always we have been using our cursive handwriting in our English books.



In handwriting we have been looking at joining 'o' and 'a', 'o' and 'os'. Here is a picture of the joins so you can practice at home.


Following on from our bug hunt last week we have been using the purple mash website to create a pictogram about the different insects which we saw out on our school grounds. We have also been carrying on with our Henri Rousseau artwork by practicing our colourwash techniques. We have also begun to look in further detail at the rainforest and have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest and the different animals which live in each layer. 



Week ending 5th February 2016


In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have been focussing on division by grouping and splitting numbers equally between a certain number of people. We have also been working on our 2s,3s,5s and 10 times tables. We are looking at recalling our times tables quickly and any practice at home will help our learning further. In particular we need to get better at our quick recall of10 times tables. 


In English lessons we have been looking the different sentence types and using them in our work. The sentence types we have been looking at are command, question, exclamation and statement. We have been using our knowledge on the rainforest to write a leaflet for the other classes in school to tell them all about our learning. We used all our different sentence types to make our wonderful leaflets.



 In our topic we have been adding the next layer to our Henri Rousseau paintings. The next layer is our foliage and already the paintings are looking beautiful. We have also been using our recycled instruments to create a rainforest rap. We had such fun and would like to thank all the parents for spending such time creating all these wonderful instruments for us to use, it was a great success.


Some of our year 2 students also took part in a gymnastics competition at Cannon Slade. Everybody had a really fun time and we dazzled the judges with our smiles and tremendous routines, so much so that we finished a magnificent 3rd! So well done to all who participated.



Week ending 12th February 2016


We have been looking at Chinese new year and e-safety this week. All of our activities on Monday were centred around the story of the Chinese new year. We were doing many different activities such as making different animals using the 3D shapes, retelling the story of the Chinese new year and even tasting the different food they eat in China. We all came together to make a huge dragon to parade around school and even show off in assembly.


On Tuesday we were very lucky and we went on a school trip to Turton high school where they gave us an insight into learning about the internet. They very kindly let us use their facilities to explore the online world. We would like to say a thank you to Turton and their year 10 students that made the day very memorable for our students.



We stayed with the e-safety theme when a theatre company came and taught us a play in a day. The play in a day was very enjoyable and the students again learned about e-safety and then performed to the school and people at home! The students had lots of fun with this production.

We would like to say thank you for your continued support over the half term with homework, spellings, gathering resources and everything else you have done for us. Thank you from the Year 2 team! Enjoy your half term and we will see you back on the 22nd of February.