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United We Stand!

Week beginning 15th January 2018


This week in Literacy we have been retelling the story of George and the Dragon.

We had to remember to include a beginning, a middle and an end.

We also had to include a word ending in est eg  George was the bravest knight in the whole world.


In Numeracy we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock to the hour and half hour.

We can now recognise the minute hand and the hour hand.

Maybe you could practise telling the time at home.


In Topic we have been finding out about the characteristics of Scotland and Edinburgh.

We enjoyed tasting shortbread, porridge and haggis!


Well done to class D who have won the reading trophy for the 2nd time! Miss Brown is so pleased. I wonder if class D can win next week too?


Have a lovely weekend.   

Week beginning 8th January 2018


This week in Literacy we have been learning about the past tense.

Our challenge was to add ed to particular words and put them in a sentence

eg Robin Hood climbed up a very tall tree in Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood loved Maid Marion and he kissed her!


We have also been practising our handwriting, particularly remembering to use leads for every letter we write ( unless they are capitals).

Mrs Lawton is very impressed with the progress we have made since September.


In Numeracy we have begun a new topic on time. 

We have used lots of time vocabulary such as morning, afternoon, evening, yesterday, today, tomorrow, before and after.

We have also learnt the days of the week and the months of the year.

Maybe you could practise these at home eg

Which day comes after Wednesday?

Which day comes before Sunday?

How many months of the year begin with the letter J?

When is your Birthday? etc


In Topic we have been finding out about England and its capital city, London.

We started our topic by tasting some popular English foods such as Lancashire and Double Gloucester cheese, ham, Warburton's bread and custard creams! Yum! 

Next week we will be finding out about Scotland. Maybe you could find out some facts over the weekend and share them with your class on Monday.


Wow! What a brilliant success our 5 Read challenge has been. 

This week's winners are class D and they are very proud of the trophy they received in our Celebration Assembly on Friday.

All the children in school who did 5 reads and had their diaries signed by a grown up got an extra playtime - how exciting!

Who will be the winners of the trophy next week we wonder?


Have a lovely weekend



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Week beginning 1st January 2018


Happy New Year to everyone!


The theme of this week has been Fairy Tales.

The children’s fancy dress costumes were amazing. We had princesses, dragons, knights, astronauts and super heroes to name just a few!

We have enjoyed working with our friends in Reception and Year 2 to find out about Robin Hood.

We made Robin Hood hats, money bags out of felt, used money to buy items from a market stall and totalled scores on an Archery board.


On Thursday we had a lovely treat in the hall, a performance of the pantomime Robin Hood!


On Friday we dressed up in our pyjamas and we invited our grownups to come into school and read and share stories with us.

Thank you for all your support during this very busy week.


Please check your child’s reading packet for next week’s spellings.

If the children  get all their spellings correct they have their names placed on the Golden Spelling Star Chart!

Also we launch our 5 Read weekly challenge today!