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Summer Term 2 Who Helps Us?

Week Beginning 9th July - Water!!!!!!!

Week beginning 2nd July


This week we enjoyed a visit from the dentist. She showed us how to brush our teeth properly. We need to make sure we brush our 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes before bed.


Week beginning 25th June


This has been a very exciting week as we had our amazing trip to Imagine That in Liverpool. We all had a super time and enjoyed lots of exciting activities. We even got to paint a real car!

There were lots of photographs taken so here they all are!


Week beginning 18th June


This week we have been writing about how a dentist and an optician helps us.

We had an exciting visit from Police Officer Dave. He told us all about the different ways the police help us. He told us about how the different parts of his uniform are used.


In Maths we have been ordering coins by their value and been counting coins. You could practice this at home.

Week beginning 11th June 2018.


It's been another busy week in Reception! We have been learning about people who help us in school.

Mrs Clarkson came to tell us all about what she does in our school. Mr Clift came and told us about all the jobs he does at school. He showed us some of the tools he used to help him fix things.

We also had a visit from Fireman John. He came with lots of equipment for us to try on. He told about the different ways the fire service help us. He had 2 very important messages for us:

1 - Always wear a seat belt

2 - Make sure your have a working fire alarm.

He told us that fire alarms are fitted free by calling your local fire station. (Not 999) 


In Maths we have been sharing in to equal groups, for example, if I had 12 grapes and I wanted to share them between 3 people. How many would each person get?


Don't forget to read 5 times for the 5 Read Challenge!!

Week  beginning 4th June 2018


Well, what a busy week we have had this week! We have enjoyed a wide range of sporting activities. We have had  Sports Day, a dance lesson, a cricket lesson and a curling lesson!

We have also been learning that to find half of a number, we share the amount between 2 groups. We could practice halving numbers at home.

Enjoy looking through our photographs from our activities this week.