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Summer- Pirates

Wow another half term has flown by and we have had a busy time. We have completed all the end of key stage 1 tests and are so proud of all the children! We have had a week full of all the assessments which has been tiring on the children!


However it was a great end to the week in the sunshine. We had our party day and it was so nice to see the children playing with the variety of games with they brought in. We played lots of board games and had an ice lolly in the sun. We have also had some lovely treats. Thank you to all the people at home who bought treats in for the children.


We hope you have a lovely week off and hope the sunshine stays!


See you for your last half term as an infant!!

Week ending 19th of May


This week we have had lots and lots of fun. All the teachers are so proud of the children and they have been trying so hard and have been so resilient. We have been doing lots of reading and the children have worked super hard at completing the tricky tasks.


We have also continued our topic learning all about pirates. We have had a go at making our very own pirate biscuits and tried these in school. We have followed the command sentences to make the biscuits and then followed some command sentences to create a pirate. The pirates are on display in year 2 if you would like to see them.


We are going to be using these command sentences to write our own set of instructions. 


We have also continued our game testing as part of the computing curriculum. We tested one of the first games ever created called 'Pong'. We looked at the algorithms for the games and then suggested a way in which we would look to make it better. 


Have a lovely weekend and get lots of rest before our busy last week of term!

Week ending 12th of May


We come to the end of another week and it has been very busy for both staff and children. We have been doing a maths quiz everyday and then working on specific aspects of the quiz to help us. On are which we find a little tricky at the minute is money. So any practise over the weekend will help us! We need to familiarise ourselves with the different coins we use in the UK. Thank you for your support.


We have also been looking at fractions and equivalent fractions. This has been tricky but the effort and determination of the children this week has been evident and made all the teachers super proud!


In English we have been continuing our Beauty and the Beast stories and they are fantastic. The children were asked to show off their writing talents and they have done just that! We have such talented children. We will be finishing these off over the next few weeks before half term. 


In topic we have continued our learning looking at famous pirates. We looked at some pirates that were familiar to us and we were introduced to some brand new pirates!


We are aware that the spellings this week were very tricky so this coming week we have given just 6 spellings to learn! We also apologies for the typing error on the last sheet! 


Have a lovely weekend and make sure you get lots of rest!

Week ending 5th may 2017


It has been a lovely week back at school after the long weekend. In maths we have covered a range of topics looking at multiplication and division, shapes, fractions and ending the week with some fun in the sun looking at capacity on the playground. We have been doing lots of super work all week and we are going to have a focus on mental maths for a couple of weeks so any practise at home of adding and subtracting numbers in our heads would help us greatly.


In English this week we have been continuing our work on beauty and the beast. We have been working in partners and writing some verbs to describe what is happening in the pictures in the correct tense. We have also started to retell the story. We are creating our own book to retell the story. So far we have made our front covers and written the first event. It is amazing that even after the first page we have already remembered capital letters and full stops, to use the correct tense, to use an exclamation mark and commas. All the teachers cannot wait to read the rest of our stories! 


In topic we have been looking at another famous pirate in Anne Bonny. We have learnt lots and lots of fact about Anne Bonny. Also we have been continuing our computing learning looking at the algorithms in different games and also looking what the different aims of the game were.


On Friday afternoon we have tested our pirate ships against the treacherous Eagley seas. We can tell a lot of effort has been put into these ships!


We hope you have a lovely weekend, lets hope the sun stays :) 

Week ending 28th April 2017


Welcome back to year 2! What a super week we have had this week with lots of exciting learning. We have been continuing teaching the exemplification in Maths and have been covering a range of topics. In particular money. We have been looking at different coins which  make the same amount of money! We have also been looking at fractions of numbers which can be particularly tricky, we covered quarters, 3 quarters and a half.


In English we started the week looking at pirates. We all described our different pirate outfits using some super expanded noun phrases. We would like to thank parents for all the outfits because it helped us do some super writing. Suffixes has been our theme of the week and we have been looking at the suffixes -ment, -ful, -less and -ly. Its been tricky for us to think of words which end in these and then think of a sentence to put it into.


In topic we have been looking at the famous pirate Blackbeard. We have been doing our best writing and looking at facts about Blackbeard. We have also started a new topic in computing where we are going to be testing games. We are going to be looking at algorithms and working out what impact they have on the game.


On Thursday we had our trip to the cinema. All the children loved the film and we are going to be doing a lot of work in the coming weeks about Beauty and the Beast. The children were superstars on the walk their and on the walk back.  We would like to say a special thank you to all the parent helpers because the trip wouldn't of been able to happen without you.


Thank you for your support this week with the trip and with the dressing up. Enjoy your extended weekend :).