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Summer 2

Week beginning 17th June 2019

We have had a lovely week in Year 2. We have been busy! 


In Maths we have been doing lots of super learning. We have been looking at missing number problems. We are already amazing at missing number problems so we challenged ourselves even further. We have been looking at problems like these 15 + ? = 12 + 13

We have been using bar models as a structure to help us understand how to solve the missing number problems. The bar models allows us to order the numbers in a way so we can work out what operation is required in order to find the missing number. We have been trying so hard with this and we are beginning to understand and solve the problems correctly!


In English we have started to plan a recount of our trip to St. Anne's beach. We have broken down the events into 6 key parts and then we have drawn pictures, written adjectives, adverbs and other key words to help us remember what happened at that moment. We then relived the trip by acting out our favourite scene with a friend and performing it to the class. We were very imaginative! This helped us use lots and lots of language around what we did. We then progressed this further by writing sentences about the different pictures which we drew. We have written a sentence and then improved it so when we come to write our recount we can then put it straight into our writing.


In topic we have started our history learning tasks. We have been looking at holidays from the past and ordered them on a timeline. This enables us to visually see the progress of holidays over the years.


Well done to all the children who were part of the choir and put on an amazing performance on Monday night.


This weeks spellings are :












Week beginning 10th June 2019

We have had a super week in Year 2. We have had lots and lots of fun especially on our school trip. 


We started off our week by taking a trip to the Juniors. We met some of the teachers and worked with the Year 3 children. We did lots of activities. We took part in a dance and also wrote down and worries we had. We even got to play on the playground with all the Junior children!


In Maths we have been looking at the end of Key Stage 1 exemplification and have been looking at a range of different areas. We have been looking at asking and answering information on block graphs and tables. We have been interpreting information from block graphs as well. We have also been using our knowledge of Maths to reason. We were presented with some calculations and the answers and we had to reason as to why we knew that the answer was the answer. 

eg 19 x 5 =     95     98     97

Then we would reason that it would be 95 as anything multiplied by 5 ends in a 5 or a 0. 


In English we have continued to add to our leaflet all about Spain. We have been looking on google for different pictures about the different things which we have talked about and then we have saved and printed the pictures to make our learning even more interesting. It now looks amazing. We then looked at our writing with a partner and looked at how we could make our learning even better!


On Thursday we visited Lytham as part of our school trip. We contrasted Lytham to where we live and then we looked at the local rock pools and beach. After our lunch it was time to complete our Art learning task which was to create the best sand castle which we could make. We all made some amazing creations and everyone had a huge smile all day. 


As well as going on our trip we also had the chance to help our local community. We went out to the park where we were able to collect lots of litter and help it to be recycled. We are now very passionate about putting litter in the bin and helping to make the world a better place.


This weeks spellings are:











Week beginning 3rd June 2019

What a special week in Year 2! We have fully embraced our new topic of 'Hooray let's go on Holiday'. We have been looking at our host country of Spain. We have been learning lots of facts about Spain and even some Spanish phrases. We have immersed ourselves with our topic so much that it was our English, Maths and Topic learning. 


In Maths we have been comparing average temperatures between London and Malaga. We researched the average temperature throughout each month and converted this information into a table. From this table we then created a block graph and we were able to ask and answer lots of questions about the different climates. We also found out some cool facts about why the temperatures were different.


In English and topic we have combined our learning. We have been creating a Spanish information booklet. This involved researching information about different topics and recording all the different interesting facts which we found. We have been  researching the different things which you can see or do in Spain, what the weather is like in Spain and also some traditional Spanish food. The teachers have said that if our writing is as good as we can do then we can have a Spanish afternoon where we get to try some different Spanish food! We are very excited. We also researched pictures for our information book from the internet. 


Thank you to all the children who had Spanish items of clothing and wore them to school. We are back in school uniforms now for next week!


This weeks spellings are:
















Thank you for your support :)