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Summer 2

Week beginning 26th June 2017


This week we have completed our fact books about animals. We have worked very hard and the teachers have enjoyed reading the books. 


In Maths we have been learning about place value. We now understand that 257 is made up of 2 hundreds, 5 tens and seven ones. Maybe you could test the people at home and see if they know how many ones, tens and hundreds are in a number.

We have done lots of artwork this week ready for entry into the Goosnargh Agricultural Show. We have made pictures of flowers and drawn pictures of poultry. We hope that we will have some winners from our many entries!
Week beginning 19th June 2017
This week we have been learning about division. We have been dividing numbers into groups and writing the equations to match. We have also been finding one more than and one less than numbers to 100.
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In literacy we looked in books to find information about different types of animals for example, mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. 

We have started making our own fact books about the animals we researched. We hope to finish them next week.

Week beginning 5th June 2017

This week we have been practising some of the tricky sounds and writing them in words and sentences . We practised the following sounds, aw, ie, oe, au. Maybe you could write some more sentences with these sounds in, for example, the dog hurt his paw.


All the children have worked very hard in their phonics lessons and are proud of what they have achieved. Please remember to keep practising all the sounds you have learnt over the weekend.

In maths we have been practising addition. We have been adding three and four numbers together and writing the number equation to match. We are getting much faster at adding numbers together in our heads.

On Monday the RSPB came into school and worked with all the children. They worked outdoors and spotted different birds, mammals and insects. The weather was against us but children were great and enjoyed every minute.