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Summer 2

Final Day!


Thank you to all the children for being so brilliant this year! Have a wonderful Summer and stay safe.  We will miss you all lots and we look forward to seeing you all grown up in year 1!


Miss Holdsworth, Mrs Ward, Mrs Wiseman, Miss Morris, Mrs Edgar and Miss Longworth  

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Week Beginning 4th July 2016

This week we have been talking lots about moving into Year 1. We have  been discussing the things that we are looking forward to the most in Year 1 and the things that we enjoyed doing on moving up day! We have been writing sentences about this too.


In Maths we have been practising our counting skills and saying one more than or one less than a given number up to 20! Can you practise doing this at home?


Yesterday we took part in our sponsored bounce which was lots of fun! All the children had a turn on the bouncy castle.

Week Beginning 6th June 2016


This week has been a very busy week! We have been reading a poem about growing up in Literacy and writing sentences about what we want to be when we are older. We have also been counting in 2's and 10's in numeracy and practising forming our numbers. Can you practise forming all your numbers correctly at home?


The highlight of our week has been our visit to Blackpool Zoo! We saw lots of animals and some of our favourites included the tigers, gorillas and penguins. Everyone was on their best behaviour and we were very proud.