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Summer 1 - Mad about Minibeasts!

Week Beginning 14th May 2018

Wow, what a fantastic week! We have been mad about minibeasts all week, going on minibeast hunts outside. We talked about how many legs each one had and looked at their similarities and differences. We were very good at recording what we found on our clipboards.


To top off our minibeast week, our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis' and the children were very excited. We made a special nectar and fed them some fruit whilst we admired how beautiful they are. The next day we were able to release them into our outdoor area, but they didn't seem to want to leave us! They landed on lots of girls and boys hands and the children loved them. 


Finally, our trip to the farm has been an amazing one! Every single child behaved wonderfully and they are a credit to Eagley Infant School. Whilst we were there, we started off the day on an exciting tractor ride were we went and saw the donkey's and horses. We even fed them their breakfast! After that, we made our way to pets corner where we loved feeding, holding and stroking lots of different animals from chicks, to lambs, to a beautiful owl. After this we had our lunch and enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle. This was followed by a walk up to the goats and sheep which we also enjoyed hand feeding. The children then loved watching the cows being milked and listening to Farmer Carl tell us all about them. Next we went on donkey rides and had a play on the park and our day was finished off with a delicious ice cream whilst we waited for the coach! What a busy and fun filled day! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, we couldn't have gone without you all.


Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all Sunday for our gardening and fun day!

Week Beginning 7th May 2018

A very busy but short week in nursery this week! We have loved having lots of sunshine this week, which has made our outdoor learning even more fun! We have been chasing bubbles, having mini water fights and not forgetting, looking after our ducklings as they have been outside lots this week.


This week we have been reading the story of Superworm. We learned all about the different things Superworm can do and be. We have had lots of bugs writing paper in the writing area and the children have loved writing letters such as a 's' for slug and an 'a' for ant.


Can you practice listening to the initial sounds in words at home? Practice saying the word and then decide which letter sound it begins with.


Our Maths learning has been looking at size this week. We have learned lots of size vocabulary such as bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, taller etc... We have then done lots of exciting things such as searching for worms (green spaghetti) and deciding which worm is the longest and which worm is the shortest! The children have loved doing this and it is something we will continue with next week.


We all enjoyed performing during our Singathon on Thursday. I think it's safe to say, Nursery children are all amazing performers and did amazingly well! We couldn't be any prouder of them.


Finally, Friday 18th May is our trip to the farm! Yay! Can I please remind all parents, if your child DOES usually have lunch at school on a Friday, their packed lunch will be provided by school. If your child DOES NOT usually have lunch at school on a Friday, they will need to bring their own packed lunch on this day. ALL children must wear their school uniform when attending the trip. We are all getting very excited!


Thank you for your support as always, have a lovely weekend!

Week Beginning 23rd April 2018

This week we have loved starting our learning about minibeasts. We have had 5 baby caterpillars arrive in our nursery and we have loved watching them grow bigger and bigger as the week goes on. We have read lots of stories such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and we have talked about what will happen to our caterpillars. We still have lots more questions and look forward to observing our own caterpillars to find out the answers!


This week, Miss Bowker has also been very brave and held one of our stick insects for the children to look at. We talked about how many legs our insects have, what they eat and drink,  as well as what the word camouflage means. We now have 4 stick insects and they are growing bigger each day.


We have loved continuing to look after our ducklings this week, we cannot believe how much they are growing!  They are very friendly and the children love stroking, feeding and playing with them. Myself and Miss Bowker are so proud of the children's behaviour and how they behave around the ducklings, they are so caring and responsible! We have also taken responsibility of looking after the chickens in school and our children love taking it in turns each day to go up to the top and collect the eggs. If your child brings an egg home, this is for you to cook and try together!


Finally, we are still continuing with our phonics learning and reading. There are lots of children who haven't been bringing their reading packet to school, therefore not having their reading books changed. If you don;t bring your reading packet to school, then we are also unable to record your 5 reads!  Please help your child by reading at least 5 times, it is so important at this early stage of development.


Everybody should have now received their letter regarding our trip to Smithills farm. Please return your form and payment as soon as possible. We will also be sending home letters to our volunteers for them to confirm that they can attend our trip. We will also be sending a letter to all who have expressed an interest in volunteering, as unfortunately, we cannot take everybody on our trip, but would like to thank you for your offer of help.


Have a great weekend!

Week Beginning 16th April 2018

Hello! We hope you had a lovely two weeks off over Easter. Our first week back has certainly been a busy one. Our ducklings have loved being looked after by the nursery children, they have been incredibly caring and thoughtful. Every day we feed the ducklings and give them lots of water, the children have loved letting the ducklings out for a swim. Whilst we have had such beautiful weather, the children didn't want to leave the ducklings inside all day, they therefore decided to use our construction area to build  the ducks a special outdoor play area! Our ducklings loved being outside and the children have amazed me with how grown up they behave whilst looking after them. We have also been looking at the difference between ducklings and chicks. We have talked and looked at the different shape of a chicks beak and a ducks bill.  We have also looked at their feet and learned that ducks have special webbed feet to help them swim. 


This week we have continued with phonics and learned some letter sounds. It is so important that you practise reading with your child at home at LEAST 5 times. This will really help your child to learn new words and build up their communication and language skills. It is also a lovely activity to do before bedtime! There are lots of children who haven't brought their reading packets this week. Please make sure everybody brings them next week, I can't wait to see who has done their 5 reads!


We have loved having some sunny weather this week, it has meant we have been able to enjoy even more outdoor learning! From digging up dinosaur bones, to practising riding bikes, to enjoying a story in the sun. 


Have a lovely weekend, see you all next week for another fun filled week as we officially start our minibeast learning!