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Summer 1 Amazing Animals

Tuesday 23rd May - Blackpool Zoo!

Wow, what a fantastic and busy day we have had! We have absolutely loved our time at Blackpool Zoo and learned so much about different animals. The weather was beautiful and all the children were so well behaved, we were very proud :)


Here are our photos from the day, we hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we enjoyed taking them. 

Week beginning 8th May

In our literacy lessons this week we read the story "Superworm" by Julia Donaldson. We have thought carefully about what made Superworm super and about how he helped his friends. In our writing we have written our own "Super Minibeast" books and have thought of different special powers that our Super Minibeasts could have.


In mathematics we have been learning how to double and halve numbers. We have learnt a doubling rap to help us remember our doubles to 10. At home perhaps your child will sing the doubling rap for you.


In our topic learning this week we have been on a minibeast hunt in our outdoor area. We enjoyed looking under rocks and stones and using magnifying glasses to find bugs in our bug hotel. We have also been thinking about technology in our environment and have explored our school to find examples of uses of everyday technology.


This week we also started to learn about Islam. We looked at the Qu'ran and a prayer mat and we learn that Muslim people fast during Ramadan. We will continue with this learning next week.

Week beginning 1st May

This week we have read the story 'Dear Zoo'. We have been thinking about which pet we would like to ask the zoo to send us and we have been describing the features and characteristics of that animal. We have also considered which animals we would not like to have as pets and why.


In maths we have continued to learn about subtraction and have practised using our fingers to take away numbers. We have also been recording our equations.


In topic we have continued to develop our jungle pictures by colour washing, painting and collaging our jungle scenes. Our work will be on display next week in our creative area.


At home you could ask your family and friends about their favourite animal and why it is their favourite.

Week beginning 24th April

Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to and exciting Summer Term.


We have had a busy start to our new term. We have introduced our new topic by reading the story Rumble in the Jungle. We have written our own Rumble in the Jungle books thinking about and describing the animals in the story. We have thought about which animals we would like to be and explained to the class why we would like to be that animals. We had some interesting ideas such as wanting to be a leopard because it has spots and it would be easy to hide or a cheetah so that they could run faster than people.


In mathematics we have learnt how to subtract numbers and we were disappointed to hear that some animals have escaped from the zoo. We helped the zoo keepers by working out how many animals they needed to look for.


As part of our topic learning we have made a jungle animal which will be used as part of a jungle picture. We are exploring a range of media to create the picture and this weeks animal involved a style of printing. We have also been thinking about what it is like in the jungle, listened to jungle sounds and made jungle animal masks.