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Summer 1

Week Beginning 6th June 2016


This week has been a very busy week! We have been reading a poem about growing up in Literacy and writing sentences about what we want to be when we are older. We have also been counting in 2's and 10's in numeracy and practising forming our numbers. Can you practise forming all your numbers correctly at home?


The highlight of our week has been our visit to Blackpool Zoo! We saw lots of animals and some of our favourites included the tigers, gorillas and penguins. Everyone was on their best behaviour and we were very proud.



Week Beginning 16th May 2016

This week we have read the story 'Tadpole's Promise.' We have done lots of writing to re-tell the story during our Literacy lessons. In the afternoons we have been discussing what promises we could make. 


We have also been closely watching our very own tadpoles as they are beginning to change. This week our first tadpole grew his legs!


In Numeracy we have been doing some addition. We have been using our addition skills to help us solve problems. Can you solve some addition problems at home?

Week Beginning 9th May 2016

This week has been extremely busy! We have been reading the story 'The Very Busy Spider' and doing lots of writing re-telling the story.


On Thursday, we had a special visit from 'The Wild Roadshow.' The children loved seeing lots of minibeasts, some had lots of legs and some were slimy! We were lucky enough to be able to handle the minibeasts, but the Tarantula stayed in his box!!!

What an exciting day it has been today! Everybody looked fantastic in their wacky clothes and we had great fun dressing up all the adults in school. The adults enjoyed it too!
Next week, we will be learning all about tadpoles and frogs. We will also be doing some addition and problem solving with minibeasts. Over the weekend you could practise forming all of your numbers correctly!
Week beginning 3rd May

This week we read the story Superworm by Julia Donaldosn. We created our own superbugs and wrote sentences about their super powers. We have also been measuring minibeasts. We used cubes and centimetre rulers.

Maybe you could try measuring objects in your garden.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Some of us have been counting objects and writing the matching numerals.
Week beginning 18th April
This week we started our new topic Are all mini beasts scary? We have enjoyed playing in the garden centre and the mini beast laboratory. Some of us went on a bug hunt outdoors and found many different mini beasts. We looked at their similarities and differences.
In literacy we continue to work hard learning our new sounds. We have also been writing some super sentences with finger spaces and full stops.
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Picture 2
Mrs Ward's topic group made sun catchers for the outdoor area. We hung them in a tree and talked about how they shine and sparkle in the sun. We wrote super sentences about our sun catchers.
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Week beginning 11th April
This week we have been practicing writing the sounds and numbers that we know. We have been trying hard to get them the right way round and formed correctly. The grown ups say that we have all done very well!
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We finished our topic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star this week and had a moon party on Wednesday. We had alien jelly, moon cakes and star biscuits. It was lots of fun.

Next week we will start our new topic Are All Mini Beasts Scary?