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Summer 1

Week ending 18th May 2018

This week we have had a very busy week where the children deserve a lovely rest. We have been working very hard and have produced some amazing work. Due to the good weather we have been helping with the maintenance of the grounds. We have been helping Mrs Clarkson with the gardening and keeping our school looking beautiful. 


We have also been testing out an initiative called the Daily Mile. We have been running a mile for some days and looking at how this has changed our bodies after we have exercised.


Thank you for your support with reading. We have had a record number of children reading this week in year 2. 



Week ending 11th of May 2018


We have had a super week with the children. They have been working super hard as we prepare them for the end of key stage 1 assessments. We have been taking our time to look through our learning and look how to answer questions to the best of our abilities. As we approach the end of the week the children have become tired from all the hard work which they have been doing. It is really important that the children get lots of rest this weekend and have a fun weekend. 




In topic we have started writing our leaflet to help us and the younger children in school to keep healthy. We have designed a bright front cover and thought of a question to get our readers interested. We have also created a block graph to show our favourite fruit. We created the block graph in lots of different colours and then we were able to answer some tricky questions on them!


Please continue to read with us at home. 


Week ending 4th May 2018


This week we have been preparing the children for the end of Key stage 1 assessments. The children have worked their socks off and they are looking exhausted. The children have been incredible and have been trying their best with everything that they do. It is lovely to see how much the children have grown since September and what a wonderful group they are. 


In Science the children have been getting dirty when we took a test to see just how many germs are on the children's hands! We used some special equipment which showed us how many germs were on our hands. We then had to wash our hands and go back and see how many germs were still there! The children found this super fun. They also got the chance to become glitterbugs and touch all over the classroom to represent how many germs we leave behind. The children loved this activity a lot more than the teachers who then had glitter covered classrooms!


We have been working hard with the children in school on practise papers from the end of Key stage 1 assessments and if you wanted to look at some to know how you can help your child, then here is the link to previous ones.


Thank you for your support!