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Spring Term - Through the Keyhole

Week Ending 15th April 2016


The spellings for this week are:








Please practise these ready for our test next Friday.


In Literacy we have been so busy! We used our story plans to write our own versions of the story Three Billy Goats Gruff. It took us 3 days to complete our stories but we are so proud of ourselves and our teachers are too! They will all be on display in Mrs Marshall's classroom from next week for everyone to read.


In Numeracy we have been finding different way of making numbers up to 20. We used the part part whole method to help us.


We could practise this at home.


In topic we have been making moving pictures.


We have been making a Wattle and Daub wall for our Shrek garden at Tatton.


We had to work as a team to build the tallest tower. We only had art straws and sticky tape to build with.



Week Ending 8th April 2016








This week in Literacy we have been reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We retold the story and have read other versions such as Three Billy Dogs Gruff and the Silly Ghosts Gruff. We have started to plan our own version of the story ready to write it next week.


At home you could practice the curly caterpillar family, remembering that they all begin in the same place – a c d g o q s


In Numeracy we have been filling in missing numbers on a number square.

We have been finding more and less than a number answering questions such as:

19 is 1 less than___

13 is 1 more than ___


We really had to think about how to work it out.


In topic we have been looking at old houses and new houses. We put 4 houses in order on a timeline from the oldest to the newest. There was a castle, a Tudor house, a Victorian house and a modern house.


We have been looking at household appliances and how they have changed over the years, we ordered them chronologically.


We have also been looking at homes from around the world and looking at the similarities and differences with our own homes.


Week Ending 18th March 2016








This week in Literacy we have been learning about question marks and writing our own questions for our own ‘mirror mirror on the wall’.


We have been describing fairytale characters using the prefix ‘un’ to change the meaning of a word. For example, kind – unkind.


At home you could write questions to ask your family.


In Maths we have been measuring in metres. Mrs Clarkson asked us to measure and plan out the size of the garden she will have at the Tatton Flower Show. We looked at the scale model of the garden and worked as a team with the trundle wheels.


We have been measuring our friends for a suit using a measuring tape.


At home we could measure objects around the house.


In topic we have been enjoying Easter activities.

We have been making Easter nests.


Easter colouring


We have decorated our own hardboiled egg. It was very 'eggciting'!




Week Ending 11th March 2016


The spellings for this week are:








Please practise these ready for our test next Friday.



In Literacy we have been using adjectives to describe fairy tale and traditional tale characters.


We practised writing 'Once upon a time'...and 'they lived happily ever after.


We worked on our facial expressions to show how Cinderella might feel at different parts of the story.


At home we could read some of our own stories and think about how the characters are feeling. We could also choose a character from one of our books and write adjectives to describe them.


In Maths we have been measuring the length of strips of paper in cms. We know we start measuring from 0 cm not at the beginning of the ruler.


We then folded the paper in half and measured how long half of the paper was.


We also found out that to find a quarter, we half the paper and then half it again so that we have 4 equal parts.


We could practise this at home.



In topic we have been using scientific words to describe the properties of materials.


We enjoyed finding out whether materials were waterproof or not.


Week Ending 4th March 2016


The spellings for this week are:








Please practise these ready for our test next Friday.


This week in Literacy we have been working with a partner to create a potion just like the Fairy Godmother in Shrek. Some of our potions were good potions were good and some were bad! We had to list the ingredients in our potion and then write instruction on how to make it.


At home you could create your own good or bad potion and write about what will happen to the person who drinks it.


In Numeracy we have learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past. We have read the time on clocks and also drawn hand on blank clocks to show the time.


We could practise reading the times o’clock and half past. 


We have been practising our numberbonds to 20. We can practise this at home by clicking this link


We really enjoyed World Book Day. It was lovely to see the children ( and the adults) dressed as their favourite book characters.


This week's spellings are








Please practise these spellings ready for our test next Friday.

Week 1


During topic this week we have been sorting different materials, finding out about man made and natural materials also building a house for the Three Little Pigs.


Week 1


During Numeracy this week we have been ordering the months of the year.



How many months are in a year?

When is your birthday?

When is Valentine's Day?

Week 1


During Literacy this week we have been describing and creating our own ogre. We have watched Shrek to help us.