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Spring Term 2

Week Beginning 7th January


Happy New Year to all our families and friends. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


Our next 5 read challenge is here! Well done to those children who started the reading challenge by reading 5 times this week. Their names are on the reading balloons beginning their up, up and away journey. We wonder what the special treat will be this time!

This week:

Class E had 23 out of 30 readers

Class F had 23 out of 30 readers


We had a very exciting start to our week: The aliens crash landed!


We have since found out that they are the children of Mummy and Daddy Moonbeam and they were on their first ride in their spaceship. Something happened and they crash landed into our sandpit and crept into our classroom whilst we were investigating. We expect they will stay with us until we have helped them repair their rocket. We have been helping them to settle into our school by making maps and guide books.


This week in Literacy we have written questions and found out that they are Moonbeams and they are called Tray, Quart, Blob and Ver. We have also written to their parents asking them if they can stay at our school with us.

At home you could write a letter to the aliens telling them about what you do at the weekend.


In maths this week has been all about number 10!

We have been created space pictures using 10 aliens. We have transferred our knowledge of part part whole and recorded the ways of making 10 on paper.

We have enjoyed exploring our new math’s challenge area and are looking forward to finding out what is in there next week.

At home could you practice careful counting and search for numbers around your home.


Have a lovely weekend!