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Spring- Rainforest

Week ending March 3rd


Welcome back after a lovely half term break. We jumped straight back in to a busy week and have had lots of exciting activities. In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division and in particular we have been using arrays to help us find the inverse calculations. As always we have been practising counting in our 2s,3s,5s and 10s forwards and backwards.

This learning will prepare us for next week when we look at place value and in particular the reasoning side of calculations.


In English we have been looking at a rainforest related text of 'slowly,slowly,slowly said the sloth' and in particular we have been looking at adverbs and using them to create our own sentences about rainforest animals.


In topic this week we have started our learning on the rainforest and we have looked at all the different layers in the rainforest and even researched which animals live in which layer.


This week was world book day and we had such fun activities including a secret task set by David Walliams himself. He gave us some special invisible ink pens to find some hidden numbers and create calculations to solve a secret code. Everybody had wonderful costumes and we would like to thank you for all the effort you went to!

Week ending Friday 10th March


This week we have been looking at place value and identifying the amount of tens and ones each number has. We have been using our < and > signs to show which is the bigger number and then told everyone why that number is bigger or smaller using our mathematical terminology. We have also had great fun playing higher or lower.


In English we have been learning about why the rainforest is endangered and we have even written a leaflet to help the other children in school know why the rainforest is endangered and what they can do to help with this crisis.


In topic we have started our beautiful art work in the style of Henri Rousseau. They will shortly be displayed in year 2 so feel free to come in and have a look. We have started a computing topic after someone has stolen a chocolate cake. We are all being detectives to help find it and are emailing potential witnesses and suspects to help get some clues. Finally we have been looking at the different countries around the world and finding out where the rainforests are.

Week ending 17th of March


This week in Maths we have had lots of fun looking at addition and subtraction. We have even managed to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers. We have been doing this a lot and we have made such good progress. We even got to open up our own shop and buy two items and see how much they would both cost. You could try this at home! We have been adding two items that would cost less than £1.


Next week we are going to be covering numerous topics and it is going to be quite challenging as we work through the exemplification. These are the sheets which were given out at the parents meetings. If you would like a copy please come in and ask for one from a member of the year 2 team :)


In our English we have been looking at the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We will be looking at this story for the next couple of weeks, so if you have a copy at home please read it with your children to help them become familiar with the text. We have been writing letters pretending we are one of the characters and we have also been looking at what the different characters might be thinking, saying and feeling at different points in the story. We had a look at a traditional tale with a twist when we read Jack and the Baked Bean stalk and we identified differences and similarities between the two stories.


We continued our computing topic. We have been sending emails and talking about e-safety. We have been sending emails as we try and find out who stole the missing cake from the staff room! We are going to be putting all our clues together on to a spread sheet to help us identify the culprit.


In the afternoons we have been using our creative minds to make a card for a special upcoming event!

Week ending 24th March


We have had another busy week this week and we are so proud of all the children in year 2 they have worked their socks off! 


In Maths this week we have been working our way through the exemplification. We have been doing a statement a day and some parts we have found a little tricky but we are progressing through, which is super. We have all been trying our best and producing some amazing work and also some wonderful mathematical reasoning. We have covered adding two digit numbers, estimating, finding missing numbers and many more topics.


There has been no time to rest in English either as we have been preparing to write our traditional tale with a twist. We have been creating our characters and our settings and working out whether we are going to have a nice giant or a mean giant. We have had such super ideas and done amazing. Next week we will be writing our story linking it to the English exemplification. We will be using our great ideas as well as our knowledge on writing to produce stories which our teachers already cannot wait to read.


Computing this week we have identified the suspect who has stolen the cake! We have put our information into excel and used a filter to make sure we have identified the correct suspect. We have also been doing geography and identifying all the countries in the UK and their capital cities. We have finished our art work in the style of Henri Rousseau and they are just beautiful. They will be being displayed in year 2 and we would love for you to come and have a look at them.


Thank you for your donations to red nose day!

Week ending 31/3/2017


We have reached the end of another week and our penultimate work of the term! In maths we have been working our way through the exemplification again and we have been making such great progress! We have covered a range of topics from shape to adding/subtracting two, two digit numbers. The children are doing brilliant and are trying their best making all of their teachers smile.


In English we have finished our story on Jack and the beanstalk and we have created some amazing stories. The children all listened and then tried their very best. We have had super imaginative ideas which have made for some lovely reading for the teachers.


In our topic lesson we have looked at the Easter story and learnt about which signs are from the story Christians believe and which are from Easter. We have also looked at mental health in topic and have looked in particular at feelings and which colours we would link to the colours. Thank you for the magazine donations we used these to collage an emoji of the different feelings.


We had a sad Friday as we said goodbye to Mrs. Stone :( Her expertise will be sorely missed as will the enthusiasm she brings to everything she does in year 2! 


We have set up a twitter page to keep up to date with different topics from school. Please follow @EagleyInfant.


Below are some links for information on the Key stage 1 tests which are coming up.

Week ending 7/4/17


This week has been a very busy week for the children. We have been doing an awful lot of practise for our end of key stage 2 assesments. The children have made us very proud by showing resilience when they face difficult questions and most of all it has been good to get the results and just consider how far all the children have come and how much wonderful progress they have made :) 


In the afternoons we have been doing our usual topic sessions. We  have been looking at the Easter story and have written some lovely Easter poems. We have also finally helped Mrs. Field to solve the mystery of the missing cake. We have sent our final e-mail to Mrs. Field and attached all our evidence so that she can catch the culprit!


After the busy week and a very busy term, we have had a lovely last day creating some Easter cards and designing our very own Easter egg.


We have had a lovely term with the children and they all deserve a rest over these next two weeks so they come back refreshed ready to face the last few challenges in year 2! Can you believe only one term left at the infants?!


Due to the staffing changes in year 2 we have had to change the way which we are doing guided reading. This will mean that we won't be able to write in green diaries as often as we have previously but please be assured we are reading with your child. :)


We hope you all have a lovely time with family and friends over the Easter holidays and we thank you for all the support you show us in year 2.