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Spring- From farm to fork

Week ending 16th February 2017

Our last week of term has been very busy as usual and all the children have done their very best all week which has made us feel so proud of them. We have had a week of looking over things we have done to find any areas which we need to strengthen. It has been just incredible to see how far every child has come since they have started in year 2 and amazing to see the progress that has been made by all. Everyone is in need of a well deserved rest.


In English our learning on Mudpuddle farm has come to a close with the children writing their very own story with their very own characters. The children have done incredibly well using all of their knowledge to create these wonderful stories, with amazing characters and story lines.


Continuing our learning on healthy bodies we have been looking at different smoothies and the different packaging that goes with them. Maybe over the half term you could create your own smoothie and tell us how it tastes.


If you are in class B your slips for the time of your parents meetings will be coming home tonight.


Thank you for your support throughout the term and enjoy a fun filled week :)

Week ending 10/2/17


The penultimate week in school has come to an end and we have had a lovely week. In maths we have been adding two, two digit numbers and we have been practising our number bonds to 10 and 20. We have done amazing at this and we are going to be putting it to the test next week in some exciting activities. To add the numbers together we have been partitioning numbers and then adding the tens before adding the ones and the combining the two totals. :)


In English we have continued our learning on Mudpuddle Farm! We have began the week with a debate on whether the farmer should keep Mossop or replace him with a new quick cat than can do his job more effectively. This led us on to completing a story map all about the story of Mudpuddle farm and reinforced our understanding of the story and helped us order it. We then moved on to creating our own farm, our own farm animal and farmer. We decided on the different traits and characteristics of these characters and used key words to describe them. We then had to create our story plan and the teachers were all blown away by our incredible ideas for our stories and they cannot wait to read the completed story next week!


E-safety day was on Tuesday and our learning in the afternoon was all about what we can do in order to keep ourselves safe on the internet. In the parents section of the website under useful information there is more information for parents if you had any further questions.


In Science we have made a healthy meal or a healthy lunchbox to further our learning on keeping ourselves healthy. Maybe you could put some of the meals to the test this weekend! :)


Thank you from all the staff in year 2 for continuing your hard work at home with reading and spellings, it is greatly appreciated.

week ending 3/2/17


Another week has flown by and we have had the best time learning all sorts of exciting new things. In Maths we have been recapping our learning on place value and looking at lots of different ways of partitioning numbers as well as looking at which number is bigger and placing it on a number line. We still find portioning really tricky so we need as much practise with this as possible :) if you would like to do any at home and you are unsure of how we do it in school please come and ask! We have also been practising counting forwards and backwards in jumps of 2,3,5 and 10! We all did amazing at this and we even  managed to identify if the numbers were odd or even!


In English we have begun our work on Mudpuddle Farm, it has been amazing to see how engrossed in the book all the children are and how much they love reading it. Thank you to all the parents who have managed to get hold of a copy! We have been discussing all the features of the farm and all the different animals who live on the farm. We then used our magic mirrors to think how Farmer Rafferty would be feeling, what he might be saying and what he might be thinking when his lazy cat Mossop couldn't catch the mice!


On Wednesday we had a visit from the RSPB and we have been walking all around the school grounds looking for different mini beasts and birds. We then turned this information into a pictogram, using the computers, in our topic session. We have also furthered developed our knowledge of the food chain and have been looking at how animals including humans change as they grow older, as part of our science! Thanks for all the baby pictures which helped with our learning!


Finally we would just like to thank all the parents for reading with your children we had a huge response which has been really positive! We would like you to keep it up for next week, thank you for all your help it is greatly appreciated! Enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend!

Week ending 27th January 2017


What a busy week we have had in year 2 this week! We would first of all like to thank all the people from home that have come into school and helped all the children with their learning. If you have any further questions about anything about year 2 don't hesitate to ask a member of the year 2 team :)


In maths this week we have been looking at creating a simple table. We created a table and then we asked the class what their favourite fruit, vegetable and farm animal was. We recorded this information in the form of a tally chart. After this we then constructed a block diagram and had to answer a range of different questions and we even managed to create some questions of our own!


This week in English we have been on a carousel of activities working with all the different activities. We have had lots of fun working with all the different teachers and the teachers have been blown away by the incredible work that has been produced by the children and the attitude all the children have shown to their learning.


The activities have been a reading comprehension all about the life cycle of a frog, a special grammar focus on contractions and using apostrophes. We have had a special handwriting lesson to help us get all of our letters formed correctly, this has also been linked with spellings. We have had a focus on conjunctions and using them in full sentences to help describe how the duck was feeling in the 'Farmer Duck' story. The last activity was using capital letters and full stops to accurately describe the life cycle of a chicken.


As well as all of this super work we have had a farm week! On Tuesday we managed to have a farm day and look at all the animals including some special visitors. We also made our own butter and tested it out on some bread. On Friday we had a big breakfast to help us with the food chain of a chicken and show that we can eat the eggs which chickens produce.


Enjoy all the lovely photos from this week! Thanks for your continued support.

As of a next week a child that has had their reading diary signed every night that week by an adult will get extra time of free choice on a Friday. 

Farm dance

Still image for this video

Week ending 13/01/17

Mrs Tibbitts, Mr Proctor, Mrs Field, Miss Morris, Mrs stone and Miss Harrison welcome all our year 2 children back to school! We are all excited for an amazing start to 2017 and have planned a super half term of learning all about our topic ‘From farm to fork.’

Thank you so much for all our Christmas cards and generous gifts we were all very grateful of your kindness.

We would also like to thank you for helping to donate items for our Year 2 Eagley Gym! The children have all had great fun exploring the sports equipment in the role play area and learning about exercise is essential to keep our minds and bodies happy and healthy. If you have a step (step aerobics) please could you consider lending it to us for a science investigation we have coming up in a few weeks.

Please can you send in old boxes of all shapes and sizes on Monday, 16 January to help us to create our Y2 Chinese dragon. We will use the dragon to perform our Year 2 dragon dance! Eeeek! Sooo exciting!

Our Year 2 class reader, linked to our topic, this half term is a collection of farm stories written by the author Michael Morpurgo. If you would like to buy your child a copy the title of the book is ‘Mudpuddle Farm’ six animal adventure stories by Michael Morpurgo. The book is available to order on Amazon or from book shops – please write your child’s name in their copy and send in to school as soon as possible. The children really do love reading along in their own copy of the class reader.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to welcoming you in to the class in two weeks’ time for our next parental engagement session!


This week we welcomed back, after a very happy holiday, all our super star Year 2 learners. What an amazing week of learning we have had in Year 2!

In maths we have been learning about telling the time. At the start of the week we revisited telling the time to O’ Clock and half past and then we learned about quarter past and half past then quarter past and quarter to. We all made our own flip-flap clocks to help us to tell the time. Some children were able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Telling the time is a concept that that needs lots and lots of practice. If your child does not have a watch maybe you could consider buying them a teaching watch (one with the minute hand and hour hand that’s a different colour. Children are allowed to wear a watch to school and we believe the more they look at the watch the better they are at telling the time. We will continue to learn how to tell and write the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Please try to help your child at home, we are only learning to tell the time on an analogue clock not digital time. If you need any help or advice please just pop in to chat to your child’s teacher.

Next week is our school ‘Arts week,’ all week our learning will be linked to the celebration of Chinese New Year. We have lots of exciting activities planned including measuring the length of Chinese dragons, a data handling pictogram to find out our favourite Chinese foods, creating 3D shape recycled art Chinese Dragon, investigating how many pom-poms we can pick up in 2 minutes with chopsticks and creating a tally chart to represent our results.

Please can you support your child to create a Chinese recycled art instrument to bring in to school to use in our whole school celebration.

Thank you so much for your continued support!


In English this week we have been learning all about using commas to separate items in a list. We call this 'comma, comma and'. In class we were describing some of our fantastic toys and belongings which we have at home, using adjectives. For example I have loved playing with my huge, blue, cool and fast skateboard. We have also had a focus on capital letters and in particular capital letters when we are looking at the months of the year and the days of the week. We need to keep practising these spellings so that we can use them in our learning.

As always we have had a focus on handwriting especially after having two weeks off! If you do any writing with your child it is important that they need to join up their writing and the teachers or a member of staff in year 2 can help you with the joins, we could photocopy some of the letters we use in school to help with this.


In topic we have been researching some insects and created a code which will help us identify some insects. We will be going on a bug hunt around the school grounds and try and find as many different insects that we can.

We have also been looking at our topic and looking at how an animal changes as it grows older. In particular we have learned about a tadpole and its transformation into becoming a frog. Alongside this we looked at our topic of healthy eating and have had lots of fun playing in our role play in year 2 which is a gym!