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Spring 2 - What is a star?

Week Beginning 3rd March

This week has been very busy in the lead up to the Easter holidays!

In Literacy we have been learning about the Easter story and we have done some fabulous pieces of writing about it. In Maths we have been on an addition Easter hunt! We were given different addition equations to solve and had to find the matching number egg for a chocolate prize!


We have also been very busy making our Easter chick baskets and our Easter bunny cards. Finally, the Easter bunny visited this morning, leaving eggs all around our outdoor area! The children really enjoyed hunting for them.


Over Easter, please practice reading with your child as often as possible and practice writing and recognising all numbers 0-20. 


We look forward to seeing your paper plate animal creations to hang up in our new jungle role play area! Have an EGG-cellent Easter holiday, we look forward to seeing you soon!


Addition Easter Hunt!

Week beginning 27th March

This week we have continued to learn about time in mathematics and we can now read the hands on the clock to tell when it is o'clock. We have learnt time words such as hour, minute and second and have explored how long these times are. At home you could find out what time you get up and go to bed, or perhaps you could see how many minutes it takes you to brush your teeth or tidy up your toys.


In literacy we have read the story "Come to Tea on Planet Zum Zee". We have been writing lists of party food that we would like at a party and writing invitations to invite our friends to a party on planet Zum Zee.


In topic this week we have used a programme on the iPads to create an alien and make him talk. We have thought about different kinds of stars and why we are super stars. We have also used our creative skills to make our own flying saucers.


On Thursday afternoon we made links with a Reception Class at a school in Formby. We sent each other video messages on Skype and asked and answered lots of questions about our school and where we live.  We found out that they like to do the same things as us and that they have a beach where they live. We hope to contact them again soon learning more about them.


Don't forget to follow our new Eagley Twitter page @EagleyInfant for regular updates on things happening at school! Have a lovely weekend!

Week Beginning 20th March

This week has been a very busy week!

In maths we have read the story of The Very Huungry Caterpillar. This is because we have done lots of work learning about time, in particular the days of the week. We have used lots of language such as "today, yesterday and tomorrow" and we are super at this!


In literacy we have made The Very Hungry Caterpillar food diaries. We have been writing about all the things he eats on each different day. We have also read the story I Love My Mummy! After we read this story we did some fantastic writing about why we love our Mums and this has been lots of fun. We have also made some very special cards for our Mummy's, but you can't look at them until Sunday!


On Friday we have our Mother's Day Assembly. We are so excited to see you all and show you our assembly and we hope you can stay for some tea and biscuits! We will put some pictures on afterwards, but don't forget to bring your tissues.


Week beginning 13th March

When we arrived at school on Monday we were greeted by aliens from Outer Space. They had travelled through space and had landed in our school. They only stayed for one day because they thought it was rather strange on Earth and that humans are rather unusual beings!


In literacy we read the story 'Here Come The Aliens'. We have been busy designing our own aliens and describing the aliens we have designed. We have been reading descriptive sentences and finding the matching aliens. We have also been using our phonics to make up nonsense names for aliens.


In mathematics we have been learning about shape. We have been recognising and naming 2d and 3d shapes and we have been learning about their properties. We have used shapes in our activities to create repeating patterns and to make some very funny looking aliens.


In our topic learning this week we have been thinking about our feelings. We have learnt about the feelings 'happy' and 'excited' and have thought about when we experience these feelings. We have also been making some preparations for our Mother's Day Assembly, but we would like to keep these a secret until next week.


At home this week perhaps you could look for 2d and 3d shapes around your home.


Please remember to send in your photographs of your child with Mummy before Tuesday next week.

Picture 1

Week beginning 6th March

This week we have read the story "Whatever Next". We talked about what Baby Bear took to the moon and thought about what we would like to take to the moon with us. We used our ideas to write a list. Some of our ideas are displayed in class for our visitors to see.


In Mathematics we have been exploring the weight of different items. We used the balancing scales to compare the weights and we explored which items were the heaviest and lightest and which items balanced. 

Week beginning 27th February

We have had an exciting start to our new half term. On Monday we arrived at school to find slime and underpants in our classroom. After some thought and discussion we decided that we had been visited by aliens. Since then we have been exploring in our Space Station role play and have visited lots of planets across the solar system. In literacy we read the story "Aliens Love Underpants" and have designed our own underpants and written about our designs.


In mathematics we have practised reading and ordering numbers to 20. We have been talking about numbers using the words more and less and we have drawn the correct amount of objects to represent a given number.


In topic we have learnt about Shrove Tuesday and Lent. We made our own pancakes and recreated a pancake race after hearing the story about the lady racing to church with her pancake. We have drawn our own space pictures by exploring wax crayons and colour wash.


On Thursday we dressed up as book characters to celebrate World Book Day. We listened to lots of stories and talked about our favourite stories. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and have fun completing the reading challenge at home.