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Spring 2. Growing and helping

Week beginning 3rd April.


The last week of our very busy term has been filled with lots of lovely Easter activities, however the arrival of our Easter Chicks has given us the most excitement.

We have watched the eggs daily, waiting for cracks and then yesterday the hatching began.  we have watched as their fluff dried out, we have talked about their different colours, the noises they make and of course we counted them.  We are super proud of our new chicks.


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We have been busy making chick Easter cards by using paint and forks, this was something we hadn't tried before.  We also rolled eggs in paint, this was messy and made lovely patterns.


We all had a go at decorating a biscuit for Easter, we did really well with this by following hygiene rules we washed our hands before doing our biscuits and managed not to lick our fingers!


We hope you all have a lovely relaxing Easter holiday, whatever your plans are, put your feet up and enjoy spending time with your family.


From the Nursery Team

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Week beginning 27th March


This week in Nursery we have taken a look at the story of 'The Ant and the Caterpillar' we learnt how the caterpillar changed into a beautiful butterfly.


We have been looking at patterns, we made our own patterns using pompoms on pegs and stamping them onto Easter eggs, some of us could even manage a repeating pattern!


We have decorated a spider web using glitter, sequins and shiny paper.  This was tricky and very fiddly, but great for getting our fingers working.


We have been keeping a watch over our chick eggs, nothing has happened yet.  We have talked about other animals that come out of eggs and made our own animals and creatures using the play doh.  We have also created patterns on snakes.


This week we have also taken a delivery of some new outdoor equipment and resources which we hope to make more use of when the weather gets a little bit better.  So far the children have enjoyed playing with the new bilibo rocker toy.



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Also in case any of you have not been into our school recently, here is a picture of the Nursery Hall display.  We think it is fab.

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Week beginning 20th March


We started our week by reading "Guess How Much I Love You," and we all shared how much we love our Mum's and all the special things that Mum does for us.  Giving us cuddles, taking us to the park, and playing with us are some of the things that Mum's do that are very special to our children.


We made some beautiful button love heart cards, each one very individual and special and we all made traybake as a special treat for our Mum's.


We have also done some brilliant turn taking playing different spider games, we have drawn our own spider webs and decorated them with sequins to make them all sparkly.


This week we have been blessed with some beautiful weather, and we have been able to have a longer play outside.  There have been some wonderful creations in our mum kitchen with cabbage and oats, there has been soup, cakes, wraps and lots of parties!


Our teachers have tried their hardest to keep us of the grass and out of the mud, but it was just too tempting.  it was great to cover our faces in it, but not so great when it started to dry out.


We are still keeping a check on our eggs in the incubator, some children thought they had seen cracks in the eggs, it was only marks on the shell though.  We will keep watching next week.

Week beginning 13th March


What an exciting week we have had!

We have read a story about Hattie Peck and her children who were all different, just like us.  We have made patterned scarves just like Hattie did for her children.


Some of us created some fantastic birds in the play doh, using feathers and buttons and match sticks.  Some of us went on to create our own models of our Mum and other family members.


We found some beautiful eggs in the sand area and we could hold them and bury them and then dig them up with our friends.


Outside we mixed stones, leaves and twigs and made our own recipes, there were some magnificent cakes.  We could also mix coloured paint on the tuff table,  we turned the colours into brown and made hand prints.


Later in the week we received from Mrs Richardson an incubator with some eggs in.  We are really lucky in Nursery to have this, and we know we have to be sensible and quiet in the area where the incubator is.  We are going to watch the eggs and see what happens.

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Week beginning 6th March


This week in Nursery we read the story of Handa's Hen.  We enjoyed this story, there were things to count and very colourful pictures to see.  We  talked about where we thought this story took place.  Some of us thought it was in Bolton, some thought it was somewhere hot, we used the pictures as clues and shared lots of different ideas.  We talked about the people in the story, they had different names to us.


At home you can help your child by talking about where they think a story happens, use the pictures as clues.


We also had some of our teachers from Year 2 performing on our stage, it was great, we learnt some tap steps.  Our stage is wonderful and is giving us lots of confidence, we love singing and performing.



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Week beginning 27th February.

Welcome back!


We began our week by reading the story of the Little Red Hen, and we talked about being kind to each other and helping each other.  We got the chance to retell the story using farmyard animals and later in the week we acted the story out.  We really enjoyed being the different characters and joining in with the refrains.


On Tuesday we made pancakes and got to taste them, we talked about why we make pancakes and how people celebrate pancake day in other countries.  We also looked at the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes and some of us thought this story was a bit like the Little Red Hen.


We have still been busy counting, this week we have been counting our fingers and counting people.


We really enjoyed World Book Day and loved dressing up as our favourite characters, we got the chance to read some of our favourite stories and share them with our friends.

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