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Spring 2 - From farm to form

Week ending 9/3/18


We have had a super week in school. It has been a lovely week where we have learnt lots and lots of new things. Some of the new things have been a little tricky for us but we have all impressed the teachers with our attitude as even when the learning has got a little tricky we have not given up and we have tried our very best. We have learnt what resilient means and it will be a very important word for us over the next couple of weeks.


In maths we have started working through the exemplification documents. If you want to have a look at these please copy the link


because we are looking at exemplification we are going to be covering a lot of different topics within maths. There are also exemplification documents for science, reading and writing and they can also be found on the government page or by googling KS1 exemplification.


In English we have been looking at the story of Mossop's last chance from the Mudpuddle Farm books and these books will form our learning for the whole of this half term. We have immersed ourselves with all sorts of different parts of farm life and gained a secure knowledge of the text for when we begin to write our story with a twist.


In Science we have begun looking at life cycles of animals and this has coincided with the arrival of our chick eggs. We will be monitoring the eggs looking for signs of change until they eventually hatch.


In Computing we have learnt a new word. We have been looking at games and testing them out on scratch. The new word we learnt is algorithm, test us to see what it means!


Thank you for your reply slips for parents meetings and for the violin and for your cooperation with PGL. We would also like to thank you for getting the Mudpuddle farm books in order to help with your children's learning.


Week ending 16th March  2018

We have been continuing our work through the exemplification materials. We have been looking at two step word problems and adding 2 two digit numbers as well as subtracting a two digit number. 


We have also been continuing our learning about Mudpuddle farm. We have now created our own farmer and main characters for our story. We have also now created a plan for our own story. All the teachers are looking forward to reading our stories as they are sure they will be amazing.


We had an extra PE session where we joined in with a HIIT session on a live stream from the Bodycoach. The children loved the extra exercise and we had lots of red faces.


We have begun our writing on our chick diary where we are looking at the progress of our chicken eggs. We can't wait for them to hatch.


We have also conducted a comparative experiment where we looked at whether children get faster as they get older. We had some races against the nursery children to carry out this experiment. 


Please see the link below for the PGL kit list in case you misplaced it.