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Spring 2 - Farm Animals

Week Beginning 26th March 2018

Wow, this has been the most exciting week in Nursery for a very long time! During Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, 3 of our eggs hatched and we came into Nursery to find 3 happy and healthy ducklings. The children have been so kind and caring, they have absolutely loved learning about these gorgeous animals. We have talked about what is inside the egg, how the duckling gets out and how to look after the duckling now that it is in the big wide world. It's safe to say, the children have loved this hands on experience and have loved holding and caring for the ducklings.


We have also loved looking at all of the egg-cellent eggs that our children entered into the egg competition! Congratulations Gabby for winning the competition, Mr Clift found it very difficult to judge as all the eggs were egg-ceptional!


The Easter Bunny keeps visiting us this week! He keeps leaving letters, hiding eggs and sending children on hunts! The children have loved searching around our outdoor area to find their eggs.


Finally, please keep practising your reading over half term, it is so important to keep building your child's story telling language.


Have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing you  all in two weeks time! :)

Week Beginning 19th March 2018

Another busy week in Nursery as we have started to learn about and make things for Easter! This week we have been busy doing lots of baking and made our Easter nest cornflake cakes. We talked about what ingredients we were using, how to make the chocolate melt and finished by counting 3 mini chocolate eggs to go on top. We had lots of fun!


We have also been making Easter baskets this week. We have been cutting out, gluing and sticking before we assembled them together. We have  kept our Easter baskets at Nursery because we are hoping that someone might leave a chocolate egg in them for us!


Learning phonics in Nursery is a huge success, I cannot express how proud I am of all the children for trying so hard to learn and recognise their letter sounds. Please keep practising the correct formation with your child at home as this will prepare them for life in Reception. What a class of super stars!


I am sure your children will have told you that we have had some more special creatures coming to join us in Nursery. In preparation for our minibeast topic that will be coming up soon, we have stick insect eggs in Nursery. We are very excited to watch them hatch and learn all about them after half term. Our other egg-cellent friends should begin to hatch next week so we are looking forward to learning all about ducklings in Nursery! 


Have a super weekend!



Week Beginning 12th March 2018

This week we have been reading lots of stories such as 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and 'Chicken Licken.' Whilst reading these stories, we have been doing careful listening to see if we can spot any rhyming words!  We heard lots of rhyming words in these stories and we practised doing lots of rhyming of our own. Some of us played rhyming pairs and some of us have played rhyming bingo. Can you find any items at home that rhyme this week? Can you hear any rhyming words in your bedtime stories at home?


We have also been learning about  lots of different animals this week. We have been around school visiting all of the wonderful animals that we have. We have spoken about what they all eat, how we look after them and where they live! We have also been learning about the names of different animals when they are babies, males or females.


Finally, we have continued with our phonics learning and we are over the moon with the progress that the children are making! We are all learning different letter sounds and the children are picking them up really quickly.  We have also continued with our reading and it has been lovely to listen to all of the wonderful stories that the children are making up. Thank you so much to all those parents and children that have read 5 times this week, the effort that you're putting in will really make such a difference for your child.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Week Beginning 5th March 2018

This week we have been making lots of special things for the special Mum's or Nana's in our lives! We learned all about  Mother's Day and had a circle time to say all the things that we wanted to say thank you to our Mum's for and why we love them! We then really enjoyed making special cards and drawing lovely pictures to put on our gorgeous candles. We really hope you love them!


This week we have also been outside and started to look at some of the animals that we have around our school. Next week, we will continue to go on walks to look at our animals as we begin to discuss what they like to eat and how they need to be looked after. 


Phonics has continued this week and is a great success in Nursery! The children are doing so well at learning their letter sounds, we are really proud of them. This week we continued to do phonics as a whole class and we all learned the sounds 'a' and 's.' Please can you practice writing these letters at home with your child, it will help them greatly! Please remember, we really need the children to be supported writing with an entry and exit flick on all of their letter sounds. The letter formation PowerPoint is attached below to use with your child. Maybe you could start looking for different objects that begin with the letter 'a' and 's' this week? For example, an apple!


The children have also loved receiving their reading packets this week and are so excited to practice. Please can I remind you that the more your child practices, the more they will develop their story telling skills. With this in mind, we need you to read 5 times per week and their diary to be signed each time. 


Due to the large number of children in Nursery, we have decided to allocate every child a different day to return their reading packet to Nursery. On this day, your child will read with myself or Miss Bowker and receive new letter formation sheets for you to practice at home. Your child should have brought a letter home stating when their new reading day will be.


Thank you for all of your support, it really makes a difference! Have a lovely weekend :)




Letter formation PowerPoint

Week Beginning 26th February 2018

Welcome back from our February half term, I hope you had a relaxing week off! To kick off our farm animal learning, some duck eggs arrived in our classroom on Monday morning. We were all very excited and we all talked about how we can look after them and keep them safe over the next 4 weeks! We now have the incubator set up in our classroom and they should hatch during the last week of half term!


This week has also brought lots of snow around school and we wanted to make the most of it! We decided to go onto the field at the back of school on Tuesday morning and we had so much fun! We had a snowball fight, played games and went sledging down the hill!


All of our gorgeous children have made so much wonderful progress this year, therefore for the first time, we have decided to teach phonics in Nursery! This will really prepare the children for their time in Reception next year and I'm confident they'll really enjoy learning to read and write their letter sounds!


This week we have started learning the letter sound 'm.' Please be aware that we are learning to write our letter sounds pre-cursive. This means that all letters have an entry and exit flick when we learn to write them. By doing this, as the children move through school, they will be able to join their letters with ease! It would be incredibly beneficial for you to practice writing the letters we learn in school with your child at home. However, please practice them with the correct formation in order to support them.


Finally, we had so much fun dressing up for World Book Day! It was lovely to see all of the different characters from the children's favourite stories. World Book Day really highlights the importance of reading with your child regulary as it has so many benefits for their development. With this is mind, particularly now that all the children are beginning to learn letter sounds, we have decided to send home reading books as of next week. These books will not have any words in them to begin with, however they are still incredibly important. We ask that your practice reading the book sent home at least 5 times per week and sign your child's reading diary each time you read with them. This will really support your child's communication and language skills as they create and make up their own stories using the pictures and learn new vocabulary with your support. We are aware how busy evenings and weekends are with children, however, for example, 10 minutes per day as a bed time activity and story will really benefit your child. 


We are so excited to see the progress all of the children will make over the next few weeks! Thank you for your support, have a lovely weekend :)


Here is a PowerPoint which models how to write each letter correctly. Please practice writing the letter 'm' with your child this week. Each week your child will learn different letter sounds and some children will learn more than others depending on how many days they attend Nursery. Please use this PowerPoint to practice writing the letter(s) your child learns each week.


Everybody has only learned 'm' this week therefore I have videoed it for you to watch and practice with your child.


Still image for this video