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Spring 1 - Nursery Rhymes

Week Beginning 15th January 2018

This week we have continued with our Nursery Rhyme topic by learning about The Grand Old Duke of York and Hickory Dickory Dock! We have  been singing both songs, learning actions and performing them. We have also made mice using different shapes and painted pictures of soldiers from The Grand Old Duke of York. You can see some of them on our Nursery Rhyme display.


This week we have continued to learn about shapes too. We have used shapes to make pictures, but we have also looked at shapes in the environment. Some of us went on a shape hunt outside, and some of us went on a shape hunt around the school! We saw lots of shapes such as rectangle windows and circle hula hoops. Can you find any shapes in your house?


We have been outside again this week planting bulbs again this week so that our outdoor area is filled with gorgeous flowers throughout the Spring. The children are very good at using the gardening tools and following instructions when planting. 


This week we have also been in the hall using the parachute. We have played parachute games and used it as a tent to get underneath. Some children also used it to make a giant hot air balloon!


Finally, just a polite reminder that next week is our stay and play sessions so we will be seeing lots of you throughout the week. If you have not yet handed in your letter, then please do so by Monday in order to attend a session. We look forward to seeing you all and learning about Incy Wincy Spider together! 


Have a lovely weekend as always!

Week Beginning 8th January 2018

We have had a busy week in Nursery as usual! Miss Bowker has loved working in Nursery again this week and the children have loved spending time with her. We are very happy that she will now be with us full-time. We have also started our topic all about nursery rhymes. We started our nursery rhyme topic with the song Humpty Dumpty. He came to visit us in Nursery but unfortunately there had been a terrible accident! We took the children outside and Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall.


This week we have also done lots of learning about shapes. We have learned to recognise a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We are  all able to talk about these shapes and describe them too. We will be continuing to learn about shapes next week and we are going to go on a shape hunt. Can you go on a shape hunt this weekend? What shapes can you find around your house?


We have been outside lots this week now that the weather is getting a little bit milder. We have planted some bulbs and will be keeping a close eye on them to see if we can spot any of the shoots over the coming months.


We have been playing with some musical instruments and talking about what they sound like. We have been singing songs whilst we play the instruments and learning to play them at the right times. The children have loved doing this and have been performing in our Nursery Rhyme Theatre with the small instruments. 


Finally, we are having a look at communication and language within the Early Years and thought it would be useful to share some top tips about how to communicate with your child. These tips can be found below in the PDF document '5 Golden Rules for Communication.' Please have a look at this short document and share it with the people who care for your child. It is important to remember that the top bullet point which states '10 second rule' is a minimum time to wait. Children often take longer than 10 seconds to answer the questions which you ask, therefore please wait for up to 20 seconds before you repeat a question again.


We look forward to seeing you all again next week! Have a lovely weekend.

Week Beginning 3rd January 2018

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! I must start by thanking you all again for your support over the first term in Nursery, it is greatly appreciated. Miss Bowker is now working in Nursery alongside myself, Miss Holdsworth. The children have loved having Miss Bowker with us this week and we hope you will to!


This week has got off to a very busy start! On Wednesday, we began the week by dressing up as a fairy tale character! In Nursery, we have enjoyed reading the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. As part of our learning we have read different versions of the story and talked about how they are all slightly different. We have also been practising our cutting skills by cutting out disguises for Mr Wolf!


On Thursday we were very lucky to have the pantomime of Robin Hood come to school and perform for us. It was a wonderful performance that the children thoroughly enjoyed! I was very proud of just how well all the children sat for the entire show. 


Friday has been a very exciting pyjama day for us. We have worn our pyjamas and enjoyed sharing stories in the morning with our special grown ups. We have all loved reading stories with you all and  hope that you will read lots of stories to your child at home. This will really help your child when they move into Reception in September.


Have a lovely weekend! See you all next week.