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Spring 1

Week beginning 6th February
This week we continued learning about fractions. We had a go at halving and quartering amounts, for example, halving a packet of sweets. Maybe you could try this at home.

In literacy we have been adding ing and er to words, for example, walk - walking. We wrote our own poems about aliens and included some ing and er words.

This is the poem we wrote as a class -



Alien flying to the moon

Alien flying faster to the moon

Alien zooming

Alien landed on the moon

Next week we will be looking at ing and ed, er and est.
In topic we have been learning facts about England, Ireland and Scotland, next week we will learn about Wales. Can you remember the stories we heard from each of the countries? Maybe you could tell somebody at home about St George or The Giant's Causeway or Loch Ness.
Week beginning 23rd January 2017

This week we were surprised to see large, green footprints leading from the door to a blob of green slime in our role play space station. We also found what looked like the remains of a crashed spaceship in our playground!

We investigated by searching the school and found a book called Here come the Aleins! We read the story and had a go at making our own aliens. We described our aliens and used some great adjectives. We also wrote descriptions of space ships for our aliens and descriptions of a planet they might like to visit, for example, pirate planet. 

In our number lessons we have been learning about capacity. We have measured different amounts and compared and checked the sizes of different containers. Maybe you could check how many spoons of flour it takes to fill different containers at home.


Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our maths lessons this week. We look forward to seeing more of you next week.

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Week beginning 9th January 2017

Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely break and a happy new year!


Everyone seemed excited to be back at school on Monday. We had had surprise when we walked into the classroom and saw a space station in the role play area. We found a space suit with a name badge. The badge had a name on it, it said 'Bob the Man on the Moon'. We did a little investigating and found a book about Bob and his work on the moon. We have really enjoyed reading it and writing about Bob.



In our number lessons we have been learning about the days of the week and the months of the year. We talked about the activities we do on certain days of the week and celebrations that happen in different months of the year. Maybe you could sing the months of the year song to someone at home.