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Our Rabbit

Maisie The Rabbit


We now have a new rabbit called Maisie who will replace Petal in reception. The reception and Nursery children will still have the responsibility of looking after her, the same as they did for Petal. She is very sweet and loves to come and have a nosey at what you are doing. When the enclosure has been flagged she will go and live in there on a permanent basis.

Petal our rabbit

Our nursery and reception children have the responsibility of looking after Petal.  They check she has food and clean water every day. With a bit of help from our older children they clean her hutch so she has a comfortable bed.
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Wizz and Squeeks


As we returned from the summer holidays we had new arrivals in school, guinea pigs. Their names are Wizz and Squeeks. They will be going into the rabbit pen to keep him company. It will be up to our foundation stage children to look after them (as well as Petal).

 As the name suggests they squeek a lot and move rather quickly but they are very friendly and if you take the time to watch and listen to them are quite comical.




New Homes


A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Lanahan for donating a rabbit and  guinea pig hutch, the other hutch was falling apart and the new ones are stunning and much more substantial than the other one. The guinea pigs can now go out and as it's Petals birthday soon he can have a new home as one of his presents, after all it was on the top of his birthday list.

If anyone is looking for a new hutch, take a look on Mr. Lanahan's website at there's lots to choose from.

As you may have noticed the animal enclosure in the reception area is at the moment empty. Due to the exceptionally bad weather it was decided that I would take the animals home, we need to carry out some ground work on the enclosure to improve the conditions underfoot and once this has been done the animals will be returning.