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Our chickens

 In spring of this year we hatched out some eggs in the incubator. At the Easter fair we gave names to six of them. Those names were Dixie and Chick, Bubble and Squeak and Ethel and Elsie. Some children may have noticed that we now have 6 new hens, with 2 more to come, so we now need 2 more names. We still have our old hen Betty (she is a warren ), who spent the first few hours of the new hens arrival telling them all the hen house rules, quite noisily. There is now Dixie and Chick ( they are Silver Laced Wyandottes ), Bubble and Squeak ( who are White Araucanas ) and Ethel and Elsie have not arrived yet.



We are very pleased to welcome our new ladies Ethel and Elsie. They are a rare breed of hen called Marsh Daisy. The Lancashire section of the Rare Breed Society donated them to us and we are extremely grateful to them. The Marsh Daisy originated in Lancashire near Southport and is one of the rarest breeds around. We hope to purchase a cockerel at a later stage and start a breeding programme of our own to try and help save this beautiful breed.