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Welcome to Nursery's class page!


The teacher working with your child in Nursery is Miss Holdsworth. Miss Bowker, Mrs Scowcroft and Mrs Matthews are the teaching assistants, and this year we have a student working in Nursery called Miss Kelly.  At lunch time, Mrs Barnes and Mrs Young will look after our Nursery children.


We hope to have a wonderful and exciting school year! Keep checking the termly pages below to find out what we have been doing each week. Thank you for all of your support.

Topic Overview

We will have lots of exciting topics throughout the year. Both Nursery and Reception will be following the same fun-filled topics throughout the year with their own special twists! Each topic that we choose to complete with the children will be based on the children's interests and needs. Below you will be able to find information about each topic as we begin to learn about them.

Topic 1 - Chattering Children

Language and good communication skills are one of the most important life skills we can learn. The ability to connect with people and to effectively communicate our ideas to others will affect our personal relationships, our confidence and feelings of self-worth, and our cognitive development. By talking we can communicate and negotiate our needs and wants successfully. We need to feel that we are heard. When you are able to take part in the thinking and learning that is going on in the classroom, your knowledge tends to stick as you are an active participant in your learning. Chattering Children invites children to explore language through play. The aim of the unit is to remind you of the value of talk and the importance of using words.

What to expect, when.