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India - Summer

Week ending Friday 10th of June

In maths this week we have been looking at measuring using different scales and we have been looking at comparing amounts using < and >. We have also been looking at solving 2 step word problems which is something that we have been finding difficult.


In our English we have been using the present and past progressive verbs to describe pictures from our visit to the Hindu temple. We wrote sentences about what was happening and our favourite part of the trip.


In topic we have been looking at Ganesh as a Hindu god and the stories which surround Ganesh and what he did and how he was created. We have also been using different technologies to present or record our favourite parts of the trip to the temple. The final topic area which we covered was looking at Aum and creating and decorating a flag with the Aum symbol on it.


We all enjoyed our visit to the Hindu temple where we learnt lots of information and we were given some Hindu sweets and food to try if we wanted to.

Week ending 24th June

In maths this week we have been concentrating on our adding and subtracting of our numbers. We have been looking at adding 2 two digit numbers as well as adding 3 single digit numbers together consistently and accurately.


In year 2 we have set up a £5 challenge where we start with £5 and see how much money we can make. We have decided to sell ice pops at break times and they can be bought by children throughout the school for 20p.


In literacy we have been preparing ourselves for the juniors by writing what we have been looking forward to when we join the juniors. We have been very excited writing these and cannot wait to get to the juniors.


To further help us with our work on going to the juniors we have been going up to the juniors in small groups doing small forest school activities.


This week we had our sports day and we all had lots of fun doing the different activities and making a mess with all the mud.

Week ending Friday 1st of July

In maths we have been looking at subtracting 2 two digit numbers using a number line and counting backwards. We have been taking away the ones first and then we have been taking away the ones first and then the tens.


In English we have been looking at a traditional Indian tale called the Tiger Child. We have been doing some work on this story and we will continue this over the coming weeks and eventually we will be writing our own traditional Indian tale. Currently we have been writing a letter and looking at using because, that, if.


We have been practicing our Bollywood dancing this week and we have had a professional dancer come all the way from London to help us! We had such fun.

 The year 2 pupils have had an exciting day as they have gone up to the juniors. They have spent the whole of the day on Friday at the juniors with their new class teachers. :)


Our £5 challenge to raise money for the school is going terrific! We have raised £80 already from selling our 20p ice pops!

We have also been having some beautiful Henna tattoos. Thank you for your support.

Week ending 8th July

In literacy this week we have been looking at a traditional Indian folk tale and we have begun to plan our own Indian folk tale about a lion cub. We have planned the story using pictures and we have talked through our story with a partner using comma comma and and expanded noun phrases.


In maths we have covered a range of topics such as remainders, subtraction, multiplication and mental maths strategies. We ended the week having a special maths quiz in the theme of a game show!


In topic we have been preparing our move to the juniors by inviting Governors to our leavers assembly and having lots of practice for the assembly. We have almost perfected it!


Week ending 15th July

This week we have been doing lots of work on what we have most enjoyed about our time in year 2 and what we are looking forward to doing most in year3. We have practiced writing all about our favourite memories and all about the memories which we are looking to make in the future in our new classes.

We continued our transition to the juniors by groups of us going over and doing a forest school activity with Mr. Latham. We had lots of fun and got VERY muddy with all the mud.

We have been preparing for the leavers assembly by practicing our lines and we will be having a dress rehearsal of the run on Monday ready for the leavers service on Thursday the 21st at 2:30 prompt.


Our Indian dance was a huge success and we would like to thank you for your support. All our children tried their very best and they all looked amazing in their outfits.


We all had a super time at the school disco on Friday night and we were showing off our best dance moves and playing all the games. Thank you for your support.


The Indian dance as well as a slideshow of our photos form Goodly Dale will be available to buy on a dvd for £5.


Week ending 22nd July 2016


We have had a fabulous last week in school. We will miss you all lots and we are sure that you will all continue to be a success at the juniors.


We had a super last day with lots of tears, laughter and enjoyment! We had a Year 2 has got talent and everyone did fantastic!


We would like to send a special thank you to all the parents and carers for all the lovely gifts you have given us, you're all to kind!!