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Goodly Dale - Summer

Week ending the 6th May 2016


In Maths we have been looking at telling the time. We looked at sequencing different times and we are trying to tell the time to five minutes! Any regular practice of this at home will help us to do even better learning in school!



In English lessons we have been doing lots of Goodly Dale themed writing. We have made a story map to help us do a recount of our trip to Goodly Dale. We remembered all the fun activities we did and looked at all our beautiful photos from the trip.



In topic we looked at the different types of games which we play. We looked at the different age restrictions put on games and why we think that these are important. We got to play a game and then say the different things we would do to make the game better and the different algorithms the game uses. We have also been creating some bug hotels in our woodland area and catering the needs of the different mini beasts. We have also been taking votes on our favourite part of the Goodly Dale trip and turning this data into a graph which we can answer questions on.


Week ending 13th May 2016


In maths we have been looking at our mental calculations. We have all been trying really hard and sometimes found this work tricky but we have always been resilient and tried our very best, making our teachers incredibly proud. Any practice doing mental calculations at home would benefit our children's learning in school.


In literacy we have been writing our recounts from our trip to Goodly Dale. We have had lots of fun remembering all the wonderful things which we did and all the amazing memories we created.


We have been evaluating our favourite computer games in computing and trying to work out all the different algorithms which are in place to make the game work. We talked about how important it is to get regular exercise as well as playing these games. Linked to this we have been on the field playing parachute games as part of an extra PE lesson. The final area in our topic was to create a mini beast using 3D shapes and describing the properties of these shapes.



Thank you very much for your donations on our dressed by the kids day. We had so much fun as a whole year 2.