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Diwali Week 2017

Year 2


This week in year 2 we had a visit off all the different year groups. In year 2 we had lots of different activities. We have been using the computers to create lots of different firework pictures. We looked at firework pictures because Diwali is a celebration of light. There were lots of colourful pictures that looked beautiful!


We also created some 3D rangoli patterns using lots of seeds and lentils. The patterns were just amazing because we took our time and did out best.


Another fun activity which we had in year 2 was to complete an Indian dance. The dance was very tricky but we managed to copy all the tricky moves. We dressed in traditional attire to perform our Indian dance and the  combination of the lovely colours and the lovely moves created an outstanding show.


Our final activity in year 2 was creating an huge rangoli pattern in the outdoor area. Thank you for your donations of conkers, acorns and other Autumn related items. WE used all these items to create a wonderful pattern!