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Autumn Term 2

Week Beginning 12th November


Well done again to all those children who completed the reading challenge by reading 5 times this week. Their names are on the reading balloons going to go up, up and away. It’s not too late to join them on their journey, you just need to reading from your school reading book 5 times between now and next Friday 23th November.


In literacy we have listened to the story of ‘This is the bear’. We have sequenced pictures of the story and recorded the bears adventures by drawing pictures and labelling them.

At home you could record what you did at the weekend by drawing and labelling your picture.


These are the new sounds we have been learning this week:

Next week we will be splitting into our smaller phonics groups. We will be doing lots of segmenting and blending of words to help us with our reading and our writing.


In maths it has been all about number 7 this week.

We had great fun outside playing the total of 7 game. Lots of us threw into 2 hoop numbers that make 7.

We challenged ourselves to use the Numicon to find different ways to make 7 as well as using our part part whole model. As our numbers get bigger we have found that there are more ways to make that number.

At home you could use objects around your home to help you find the ways to make 7. Can you practice writing the number 7.


This week has been a very funny week in our IEYC Topic learning!

We have told lots of hilarious jokes and we have discussed what make us laugh. We pulled some funny faces to try and make our friends laugh!

We played a follow the leader game where we had to copy the leader and do it without smiling or laughing. It was quite tricky not to giggle!

We then played a game where we had to laugh when the handkerchief was thrown in the air until it landed on the ground.

We have also been ventriloquists, we used a sock to make a puppet and try to speak without moving our lips! Some of us made our own puppets in the creative area too.

At home you could use one of your socks to make a puppet. Show your grown ups what amazing ventriloquists you are. You could also share jokes with your family.

Week beginning 5th November

This week in English we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have created our own firework pictures and written words to describe the sounds they make. We used masks of Guy Fawkes, King James I, the guard and Guy Fawkes' friends and acted out the story. In phonics we have been continuing to learn new phonemes and to segment and blend them in words.

At home can you use the sounds we have learnt so far to make words?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

In Maths we have been learning about number 6. We have shown lots of different ways of representing 6. We were super at subitising using dice. We have found lots of different ways to make 6 and used our part, part, whole method again. We are getting really good at this! Some of us even recorded the calculation all by ourselves!

At home you could play a game using a dice. Remember don't count the number - try to recognise it!

In topic we have been learning about bears. We thought about the different types of bears that we know and then we learnt about other bears. We learnt about where they live, what they like to eat and extra special facts. We have also tasted honey, which most of us thought was delicious and we played a special listening game in the hall, where someone stole the bears honey!

At home you could read a bear story to your teddy bear.

Week Beginning 29th October


Well done to those children who completed the reading challenge by reading 5 times this week. Their names are on the '5 reads balloon' ready to go up, up and away! It’s not too late to join them on their journey, you just need to reading your school reading 5 times between now and next Friday 8th November.  

Unfortunately we didn't win the reading challenge trophy this week but hopefully if we all complete the challenge the trophy could be with Reception next week.

Happy Reading!smiley


In Literacy we read the story ‘What’s in the witch’s kitchen?’ We enjoyed finding out about what the witch used to cook with, although we are not sure we would like popcorn and frogspawn or sweets and cakes with spiders and snakes! We have been trying to write the ingredients the witch used. 

At home you could write a shopping list for your grown ups, by looking for the things missing in your cupboards.


In Maths this week we have concentrated on the number 5.

We have learned how to count to 5 and how to write the number 5. We have compared 5 to other numbers, we know that 5 is more than 3 and 2 is less than 5.

We have used the part part whole model to find the different ways of making 5.

At home you can compare 5 with other numbers and use the language less than, more than and greater than.


In Topic this week we have watched clips from Toy Story about Mr Potato Head. We used real potatoes to make our own potato heads. We created some super potato people!

We have used our outdoor area to collect interesting objects and we have used them to create a collage. Mrs Ashcroft was very pleased with how the children described the collages they made.

We have experimented with colour mixing and found out what happens when the primary colours are mixed. We then used these colours to create our painting. Our children are fantastic budding artists!

At home you could collect interesting objects and make a collage using them. You could take a photograph and bring it to school to show us. You could continue to explore colour mixing and see what interesting colours you can make.