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Autumn 2 - Why do penguins and polar bears never meet?

Week ending 15th December

What a fantastic week we have had in year 2! We have done lots of special maths and reading quizzes. The children have done fantastic work. 


We have had an exciting week. It has been even more exciting thanks to the visit of the snow. It made our week even more festive. We had a trip to the Juniors to watch their Christmas play. It was a lovely show and a good chance for the children to visit the Junior school ready for next year. Also this week we have performed our own Christmas play. The children were amazing and they have had such good fun performing the show. All the teachers are incredibly pleased with them and they have had a super Friday treat.


Friday was Christmas jumper day and we have had lots of festive activities. In the afternoon we have closed our polar topic by watching polar express.


Thank you for your continued support.

Week ending 10th November 2017

This week we have been doing some very tricky work. We had a go at multiplication through repeated addition. We all tried our best and made our teachers proud. We will need to practise this throughout the year. We practise our times tables forwards and backwards and we are getting really really good.


In English we have been writing our very own remembrance poems. The children have used such lovely words to help remember the soldiers from the world wars. We have looked at the poem Flanders fields.


We have been practising our assembly all week and we would like to thank the grown ups for coming and watching us.  The teachers would also like to thank the children for their effort in the assembly. 


We would like to thank everyone who attended the walk to the memorial despite the weather conditions.


Week ending 17th November 2017


This week in Maths we have been looking at division through repeated subtraction and equal sharing. We have had lots of fun sharing different objects with our friends and solving the different division calculations. Next week our teachers are going to challenge us on both multiplication and division


In English we have started a new story called The Polar Bear and The Snow Cloud. It is a lovely story. We were lucky enough to receive a letter from the polar bear asking us for help to find him a friend. This is something that we were more than happy to do, so we wrote him a reply. We have begun to plan our own ending to the story where we can let the polar bear meet our new friend.


In topic we have been looking at the world and learning about the equator and the location of the north and south poles. We have also started our research on Antarctica. We used the IPads and computers to look up our research questions.


We enjoyed a lovely pyjama day to raise money for children in need.



Week ending 24th November 2017

We have had an amazing week in year 2! We have had lots of fun all week, starting with our non uniform day on Monday. We have been solving some word problems. However our teachers couldn't trick us with the word problems as we were able to work out the calculation and then solve it! We impressed our teachers so much that they gave us even trickier word problems to solve but they still couldn't trick us!


In English we have been writing our own ending to the polar bear and the snow cloud. We have such amazing imaginations which meant that we have written some interesting story endings. Our teachers asked us to focus on conjunctions. We were able to use these in our story! The conjunctions which we used were and, when, but, then, if, because. We used these words to join two sentences together.


In our topic lesson we continued to look at the world. We had to sort animals into the climates which they would live in. We also then had to write sentences all about how a polar bear is suited to its climate and how a camels are suited to their climate.


Friday we have visited the chill factor. This was so much fun and allowed us to experience the temperatures of the cold climates. We had such fun in the snow. 


Thank you for all your help this week!

Week ending 1st December 2017

We have had a very festive week in year 2. We have been recapping over place value which we first looked at in the first few weeks! We have all done brilliant and remembered lots of maths facts which will help us as we progress through year 2. We have looked at partitioning into tens and ones as well as looking at placing numbers on to a number line in the correct place. We have been practising our times tables like usual counting forwards and backwards in intervals of 2, 3, 5, 10. 


In English we have had some super fun looking at apostrophes for possession. This is a tricky lesson but we managed to write our own sentences where we used an apostrophe for possession. We have also used these apostrophes for possession as we began to write our fact file. We have researched some facts and used some lovely sentences where apostrophes are needed. An example sentence:  The polar bear's claws help it to walk on the snow! Fabulous!!


We have been practising the Christmas nativity as well as completing some writing about our visit to the Chill Factore. We would love it if you could have a look at it next time you're in school.


We had a lovely trip to the community centre where we sang some songs from our Christmas production and shared a drink and a biscuit with some lovely people.