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Autumn 2. Why are there so many leaves on the ground?

Week beginning 18th December.


We made it!


We have had another fun, busy and fantastic half term.


Thank you for all your support, and from all of the Reception team, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Enjoy your holidays and spend time with your loved ones.



Week beginning 10th December 2017


We have enjoyed lots of Winter and Christmas activities week this week! We have had fun in the snow, we have enjoyed Christmas crafts and we had fun in our Christmas jumpers. Thank you to everyone who donated, the money collected will be sent to Save the Children.


We had a very special visitor on Friday afternoon! We were sat nicely in class when we heard some bells, we thought we should go out to the playground and find out what it was. We could not believe it, there on our playground was a very beautiful REINDEER!!! We were very excited, we got to find out all about reindeers and stroke him. The reindeer ate lots of carrots when he was here so we must all make sure that we leave a carrot out for the reindeers on Christmas Eve. They are very hungry animals!


Week beginning 4th December

Thank you so much to all our families who came to watch us perform 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'

We have so much fun practising and learning the songs for you. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it!

Whilst washing uniforms this weekend, please check you have the right uniform for your child as we have some children without parts of their uniform.

Week beginning 27th November

This week has been another busy one. We have been practising our Christmas play ready to show you next Thursday at 10am and 2pm. We hope you are going to be proud of us!


We have started to look at money and what the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins look like. We have been paying for things using 1ps. If you have any spare change at home you look closely at the coins and you could also play shops!


We have really enjoying listening to this song this week:

It will help us learn to read and write our tricky 'red' words.


A big thank you to all our family members who came to join in with our Christmas Craft activities. The children have loved having you in.


What an exciting Friday morning we had. As we walked in our Reception classroom we realised we had a visitor from the North Pole! We have our very own ELF! We know that we mustn't touch him as the magic might go away. He must be a kind elf as he brought an advent calendar for each class. As he didn't have a name we decided to think of some names we could give him, we wrote them on a big piece of paper so that he can choose his favourite over the weekend. I wonder how he will let us know which name he has chosen?


Week beginning 20th November

This week in Reception we have been sorting everything we can see!  We have sorted autumn pictures and non autumn pictures.  We have sorted vehicles and clothes, even sorting all of our shoes.  At home you can help your child by letting them help you sort washing, and toys.  How many different ways can you find to sort things?


We have been working hard on our ball skills in our P.E. lesson, we have been dribbling the ball, moving into spaces and controlling the ball on the spot.  We have been learning these skills so we can play basket ball, maybe you can practise some more at home.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2

We have been  busy practising saying and writing our sounds.  We we will be sending a sheet home some sounds for you to practise with your child, encouraging your child to say the sounds and write the sounds.  We do not need these back in school.



Week beginning 13th November


This week we have been learning more about Autumn. We have been finding out hibernation, what it is and which animals hibernate. Some of us found a hedgehog hibernating in the chicken coop! We had some play dough and added sticks to  create our own hedgehog.

We went to visit our Eagley animal friends. We talked about how to look after them.


We read the story Not a Stick and used our imagination for uses of our own stick. We added labels making sure we listening to the sounds in each word. You could practice your letter writing at home.


We have been ordering things from the shortest to the tallest and shortest to the longest. Can you find things to order at home?


Thank you for joining us in your pjs and for your kind donations for Children in Need.



Week beginning 6th November


This week we have been learning about the signs of Autumn. We have talked about our favourite things about Autumn. We have made edible sparklers using breadsticks, melted chocolate and sprinkles! Yummy!


We read the story of Stick Man. We sequenced some pictures from the book, talked about what happens in each picture and had a go at writing some words.


We used our Outdoor Classroom to make our own Stick Men. You could also try this at home!


In Maths we have been exploring the Numicon pieces, we have been counting carefully and recognising numbers to 10.


At home you could find numbers in and around your home.


We are sending handwriting home so you can practise and help your child at home, there is no need to return this to school.


Week beginning 30th October


Welcome back!


We hope you all had a lovely half term holiday, it is wonderful to have all of our children back.


This week has been a busy one, as we have been learning all about Diwali.  We know how to prepare for a Diwali celebration, and we have talked about why it is important in the Hindu calendar.


We have moved around school doing activities in different year groups and have managed really well with this.  To complete our fun week of learning, we sang a Diwali song in the hall to the whole of the school.  We were fantastic.


In our classes we have enjoyed using our new resources and enjoying our new role play areas. 



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