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Autumn 2 - Autumn and Winter with the Gruffalo

Week Beginning 18th December 2017

We have had a very short, fun packed week in Nursery and throughout the whole school this week. Tuesday was our party day and we had so much fun! We played games such as pass the parcel, musical bumps and had dancing competitions. On party day, we also had a special visitor... Father Christmas! He brought us all a special present and we enjoyed singing songs with him.


On our last day, we have been into the hall to perform and watch Eagley's Got Talent. Everybody in Nursery performed 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney' and we were fantastic. We also had several individual performers who were incredibly brave and did incredibly well. What super children we have in our Nursery!


I would like to end by thanking all the children for being so wonderful, well behaved and happy throughout the whole of the school year so far! You have all been a pleasure to teach and I look forward to watching you all grow throughout the rest of the year. 


Finally, thank you to all the parents/carers for your support and encouragement throughout the year and your gorgeous gifts and cards. They are greatly appreciated. Have an amazing Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the Happy New Year!


Week Beginning 11th December 2017

This week we have been preparing for Christmas! We have been making lots of Christmas cards and calendars and having lots of Christmas fun! 


This week, Paul has been extra cheeky. He has been reading on top of our reading area, held hostage by dinosaurs and fishing next to our sink! What a cheeky elf!


We have also been into the hall to watch KS1's dress rehearsal for their nativity! We really enjoyed it and all the children tried really hard! 


On Friday afternoon, we thought we could hear bells in the classroom, but when we went outside to investigate, we saw a reindeer! We were all very excited but we all had a stroke and asked lots of questions about him. 


Next week is our last week in school and it is school party day on Tuesday 19th December. We look forward to seeing the children in their party clothes.

Week Beginning 4th December 2017

We have had a very exciting first week in December! Miss Longworth has been joining us again and the children are having lots of fun getting to know her.


We have had Paul the elf doing lots of cheeky things over the week such as drawing faces on bananas and making a snow angel in the flour! He was also very kind and brought letters from Santa for everyone, we were all very excited.


As many of you know, it was our wonderful Nativity this week. We performed in the morning and the afternoon and both performances were amazing. The children have been trying so hard to learn all of the words and actions to the songs and we could not be more proud of every single child. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to watch us, we hope you were as proud as we were!


This week we have also been doing lots of Christmas activities such as making our gorgeous cards and calendars! We will continue to do these next week and they will be sent home on your child's last day before Christmas.


Have a lovely weekend, we look forward to another week of festive fun on Monday!

Week Beginning 27th November 2017

It's been  another busy week in Nursery and we have been very lucky having Miss Longworth in Nursery to spend time with us and help us! The children have enjoyed spending time with Miss Longworth and she will be joining us next week too.


We have also had lots of our parents, grandparents and carers in school with us making Christmas decorations. We made everything from polystyrene Santa's and Snowmen, to decorating baubles and making Christmas tree's! Thank you to all those who joined us for all the festive fun, the children really enjoyed spending time with you all in Nursery!


During this week, we have also been very busy preparing for our Christmas Nativity which is on Thursday 7th December. If your child DOES NOT attend nursery on this day, please return your slip to Nursery if you would like them to take part in one of the performances. 


Finally, this morning a special visitor arrived in Nursery!! Our visitor was an elf who goes by the name of Paul! The children were very excited about his visit as he arrived with a class advent calendar. Paul the elf will be watching the children from now until Christmas to make sure they are on their best behaviour and bringing special treats. 


As always, have a lovely weekend! We look forward to more festive fun in Nursery next week.

Week Beginning 20th November 2017

Yet another crazy week in Nursery! We have walked to the Post Office on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon and the children were absolutely amazing! Everyone was so well behaved and I was very proud of you all.  We all paid for our stamps and put them onto our letters, we all then posted them into the Post Box. We are all very excited for our replies from Santa! We would also like to thank the parents/carers that came with us, without you all, we wouldn't be able to go.


This week we have been learning about the number 4. We have been counting Orbeez, decorating the number 4 and recognising our numbers on some fish outside! Can you practise writing the number 4 at home? 


This week also ends in a very sad but happy way as Miss Darbyshire gets ready to start her new adventure. Today is Miss Darbyshire's last day at Eagley Infant School and in the 12 years that she has worked here, she has had a huge impact on the lives of all the children she has worked with. Myself and the children in Nursery will all miss her so much. I would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Darbyshire for being a huge support and offering her years and years of advice. 


Miss Darbyshire would also like to thank all of the parents and children as you have all been a wonderful support and have bought her some lovely presents!


Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week with Miss Bowker.

Week Beginning 13th November 2017

In preparation for Christmas and our walk to the Post Office, we have been making Christmas lists this week! We have looked through toy catalogues  and used scissors to cut out the pictures of toys we would really love. Don't worry Mummy's, Daddy's and carers, we have photocopied these for you to have a sneaky peak at and we will be sending them home throughout the course of next week!


Our number of the week this week has been 3! We have learned how to write it, what it looks like and the value of it. We have been learning that we can count objects as well as other things such as claps and stairs etc... Can you practise writing the number 3 at home?


We have also been using BeeBots this week, these are small bee robots. We have been pressing different buttons on them to programme them to move to different places. We have all been really good at this.


This week we have also been outside and lots of children have really loved the muddy puddles (sorry for all the dirty socks, but at least we had fun!). Whilst we have been outside, we have been gardeners, preparing our garden for the Winter by digging up all the left over vegetables. Thank you to all the children for their wonderful help!


As many of you are now aware, Miss Darbyshire will be leaving us very soon! She only has one week left as her last day in Nursery will be on Friday 24th November. We are going to miss her very much and we will be telling the children about it next week too. Miss Bowker will be taking over Miss Darbyshire's role in Nursery. As the children already know Miss Bowker and are comfortable with her, we are hoping that the transition should be a smooth one.  However, I am aware that the children will miss her very much, as will I! She has brought a lot of fun and laughter into Nursery, along with years of experience and a love for her job. I would like to take this time to thank Miss Darbyshire for all she has done. We will all miss you!


Thank you to all the parents who have joined us this week for learning meetings. It has been a pleasure to share your children's wonderful progress and show you how amazingly we have all settled into Nursery life. Have a lovely weekend, we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Week Beginning 6th November 2017

This week we have been learning all about the number 2! We have been learning to recognise it, write it, count out 2 objects and count 2 fingers. We are all very good at it. Can you find different numbers in the environment when you go for a walk? Maybe you could find some numbers in the shop or on cars?


We have also been learning to recognise our names and read everyday signs and logos. For example, we looked at the logos for McDonalds, Cbeebies and Asda! We keep practising finding our own name cards too, we are getting much better at it. Can you practise recognising the first letter of your name at home?


Thank you to all the parents who have taken time to come and look at their child's learning and meet with myself or Miss Darbyshire. We look forward to meeting with more of you at our Nursery learning meetings next week.


As always, here are some photos from the week. We hope you have a lovely weekend

Week Beginning 30th October 2017

Welcome back everybody! We hope you are feeling refreshed and ready for another busy half term in Nursery. 


We have kicked off the half term with another busy week. This week has been our whole school 'Diwali Week.' It has been incredibly exciting, we have been into the hall every morning to listen to an assembly all about Diwali and how and why it is celebrated, as well as who celebrates it. We have then been lucky enough to travel round the school visiting a different classroom each day to complete exciting Diwali activities. These have included making glitter fireworks pictures, rangoli patterns, learning Indian dancing and trying Indian food! It has all been very exciting and we have had lots of fun. We have also learned a song and dance all about Diwali and have performed this in assembly on Friday morning. We were amazing performers!


As well as all of this, we have also began to learn about different numbers this week! We have started with number 0 and 1. We have learned all about the value of these numbers, what they look like and how to write them. We are all so clever at recognising these numbers and can't wait to learn about number 2 and 3 next week!


If you go for a walk or to the shops this week, maybe you could go on a number hunt for 1 and 0! Can you find these numbers on cars, houses or inside the shop?


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week :)

Diwali Performance

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