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Autumn 2

Week beginning 12th November 2018

In Maths this week we have been continuing our learning on multiplication. We have been using the bar model to help us solve the tricky calculations. We have been doing so well with this and the teachers have been very happy that we are showing such resilience to solve the different calculations. As usual with our Maths we started with a concrete approach before moving on to a pictorial representation of the concrete objects which we used. We have then started to look at an abstract approach using number. The abstract approach is something we need to practise. With the other approaches we can count the objects or the drawings but when it is numbers we need to do it mentally. To help us continue our learning further the home learning challenge is to practise counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s up to 12 x.


We have had an exciting week for our English learning this week. We started the week by practising our reading with a comprehension activity. On Tuesday is where our learning really took off and we boarded an aeroplane with Captain Lawton which took us all the way to Mexico! We boarded the plane in an orderly fashion before storing our luggage in the overhead compartment and fastened our seat belts. We listened to the safety announcement and before we knew it we had landed in Tocuaro a small Mexican village. We spent the day in Mexico before where we did some amazing activities such as crab collecting, swimming, sunbathing, visiting a fiesta to have a dance and even playing chess. After all this excitement we decided we would write a postcard to school to have to tell them about all the different activities we had been doing and tell them how much fun we had. We used adverbs in our writing to describe the different things we did. 

Home learning challenge this week is to think of an adverb to describe how you are doing something!


This week saw our first IPC come to an end. We finished our unit with our Eagley Mexican Fiesta! Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to join us for our Eagley Mexican Fiesta. We had spent the week practising our songs and dances. We loved having our parents and carers in school and being able to spend some time with them as well as showing off our super learning. We even enjoyed the biscuit sombrero and juice too!


This weeks spellings are : 













Thank you for your continued support and help! 

Week beginning 5th of November 2018


In Maths we have started to look at multiplication. We started the week off looking at odd and even numbers. We learnt a song to help us and we also used the cubes to help us identify whether the number was odd or even. We then moved on to looking at multiplication. We looked at a calculation and created a sentences stem. If the calculation was 3 x 5 we would say 3 equal groups with 5 in each. This helps us to remember how we solve multiplication calculations. We have so far used the cubes to solve x2, x3 and x5 calculations. We will continue to look at multiplication for the next few weeks. 

Home learning challenge is to practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.


Our focus for English this week has been adverbs. We linked this to the suffix -ly. We have learnt what an adverb is but we may need to recap. We used our adverbs to describe how the fireworks flew through the air. We have also been practising our reading by looking at a range of reading comprehensions. Our English learning on Thursday was a speaking and listening exercise as we learnt a poem about Remembrance Day to add to our repertoire of poems which we already know.

Home learning challenge this week is to recap what an adverb is and to use it in a sentence.


It is almost the end of our IPC topic 'A Day In The Life' and our last challenge is an International task. We met the Horta family from Mexico and we drew a picture of our family and wrote a sentence to say who is in our family. Please remember to join us for our exit point next Thursday at 2:30pm as we have a fun filled fiesta!


This week we have been taking part in lots of different celebrations. We started off the week looking at Bonfire night. We joined with our Nursery friends to complete lots of different activities. We toasted marshmallows on a fire, we created fruit rockets, we created firework pictures, we created fireworks using chocolate fingers and hundreds and thousands and we learnt a firework poem. We then looked at the festival of Diwali where we looked at educational videos and answered some Diwali questions using our knowledge. Towards the end of the week we looked at Remembrance Day where we learnt some poems, read a story and learnt a song. On Friday morning we walked to the War memorial and took part in a ceremony and held a minute's silence. 


Thank you to all the parents who helped make the walk possible by walking with the children.


This week's spellings are :













Week beginning 29th October 2018

This week in Maths we have been looking at place value. We will constantly revisit this throughout the year as it is so important. Having a good understanding of number allows us to apply this skill across a range of topic in Maths. If we have a good understanding of number we can use these skills to help us with money, ml, kg, cm! This week we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to ten and then applying this knowledge to help us complete number bonds to one hundred!! This was amazing as we could add and subtract easily to 100! We also used our knowledge of 2 digit numbers and made lots of different 2 digit numbers using coins! The children have had lots of fun exploring number and they were amazed at the complex calculations they could do just by applying their knowledge.

Home learning challenge is to help with the shopping and select the correct coins to pay for something!


This week in English we have been creating some spooky poetry. We started the week off describing some revolting things which we could put into our potion. We listened to 'Hubble Bubble toil and trouble all the witches say' to get some ideas of what we are going to put into our potion. We then used the structure of the poem to create our own poem and add in our gruesome ideas. The poems were just amazing and we gave our teachers quite a fright from all the different things we are going to use to make our potion!

Home leaning challenge is to think of some adjectives which you can use to describe all the amazing fireworks which will be seen this weekend!


In our IPC learning this week we have been looking at some technology tasks. We started the week off looking at some design technology tasks where we drew the uniform that a doctor, firefighter, police officer, traffic warden or builder may wear. We labelled all the different things which they would need on their uniform and how it would help them with the job which they have. Our next task was to then create our own uniform for the different jobs and improve them. We had some amazing uniforms and inventions where the children really used their imaginations! We had doctors who would wear X-Ray glasses, traffic wardens who had segway shoes, police officers with see through handcuffs so that the criminals wouldn't see them and many more! Our final technology task was a food technology task. We had a look at the different food groups and then we created a lovely tea for the Horta family who have come to visit the village which we have created. We looked at making a healthy tea and discussed the different food groups. Test us as we eat our tea and see if we can identify the different food types.


This weeks spellings are :