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Autumn 2

Week Beginning 12.11.18

This week has been a week of Gruffalo fun! We have loved reading the story of the Gruffalo and using lots of descriptive language to describe what he looks like. The children have loved using brown playdough to make their own scary Gruffalos. They used purple prickles and orange eyes, some children even put a green wart at the end of his nose! It was lots of fun. 


We have also done some counting with the Gruffalo, we had lots of different Gruffalos with different numbers on their tummies and the children had to match the right amount of purple prickles onto their Gruffalo's back. We did so well at recognising our numbers 0-5 and counting out the right number of objects. 


Outside the children have been moving around our outdoor area like the Gruffalo. They have used the Gruffalo's footprints and moved them around the area so that they could walk, run, hop, skip and jump onto the footprints. We had lots of fun experimenting with different ways to move. Outside we have also been making Gruffalo crumble! We experimented with different sized containers and loved measuring out different ingredients such as oats and lentils and water. 


Finally, all the children have been practicing how to write their name in nursery this week, using the same sheets that we sent home at the individual learning meetings. The children are doing really well practicing writing their name and love being able to give it a try! Can you practice writing your name at home? Remember to keep holding your pencil at the bottom between your thumb and two fingers! With this in mind, although we are not yet teaching phonics in nursery, some parents have asked if there are rhymes for each of the letter sounds. I understand that you might want to use these when practicing to write your child's name with them, in preparation for your child learning phonics at school. Below I have attached a copy of each letter in the order that your child will learn them, with a copy of the letter rhyme. I hope this is useful. I have also attached a  PowerPoint which models the correct way to form each letter in order to help your child begin to write pre-cursively. 


Finally, what a wonderful Friday we have had! We have loved wearing our pyjamas and special Pudsey and Blush outfits today, it has been lots of fun. We talked about the reasons that we wearing these things and that we were doing it to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The children have had a happy day filled with lots of Pudsey activities such as dot to dots, colouring, Pudsey orbeez, and Pudsey playdough! Some children chose to have their face painted too for our Pudsey party. We did some dancing and all enjoyed a Pudsey treat at the end of the day.


Thank you for all of your continued support, have a happy weekend and we look forward to another fun filled week! Remember, Friday 23rd November is our teddy bears picnic, we can't wait to see you all then!

Week Beginning 5.11.18

This week has been a busy week where we have developed our Understanding of the World skills and our Expressive Arts and Design skills!


We started the week by celebrating bonfire night and learning about why we celebrate it. We worked with the Year 2 children to have an exciting morning of bonfire night activities. All the children had a turn at roasting a marshmallow around a bonfire and eating it, they were yummy! The Y2 children also supported nursery to use the computers and make their own firework pictures which took careful mouse control. The children also loved melting chocolate and using hundreds and thousands to make their own sparkler biscuits. We also used lots of fruit to make our own rocket fruit kebabs, they were delicious! Finally, the children used lots of warm colours to create their own picture of a bonfire. They used the end of a paint brush to drag the paints around their paper. Well done everyone!


During the week we had lots of fun using kitchen roll tubes to print paintings of fireworks.

Outside we used big sheets of black paper and flicked paint on them to create some huge firework pictures as a group. We are very proud of our pictures and we used lots of different colours to create them.


Finally, we have been learning about Diwali, who celebrates it and how it is celebrated. We learned that Diwali is the festival of lights and that there are lots of fireworks used during Diwali celebrations too! We enjoyed making our own Diwali lamps using CD's and tealights. Well done everyone!


Take a look at our pictures from the week, our Diwali song is also below so that you can practice singing it and learning at home!


Have a happy weekend :)


CBeebies Songs | What is Diwali? | The Let's Go Club

Week Beginning 30.10.18


Welcome back to school after your week off, having some half term fun! We have had a fantastic Halloween themed week and have had lots of fun whilst we do lots of super learning.


This week we have been reading the story of Room on the Broom and have enjoyed joining in with repetitive parts of the story, using lots of story vocabulary. When we went outside, we used the Room on the Broom masks to have a go at acting out the story with our friends. We had lots of fun doing this!


As part of our Room on the Broom learning, we have thoroughly enjoyed baking some Room on the Broom star biscuits. We have helped to weigh the ingredients, stir them, roll out the dough and cut out our stars. We talked about where the biscuits will go to bake, and decided only adults are allowed to touch the really hot oven!


We have continued to extend our shape knowledge by having a go at making some pumpkin pictures this week. We thought about what shapes we could use to make up the face of the pumpkin.


We have done some spooky counting this week, having a go at counting ingredients into our cauldron and using the tweezers to pick them up out of the slime. This was really tricky, but using tweezers helps us to build up the muscles in our hands so that we will have super handwriting when we are older! Can you practice writing the first letter of your name at home?


Finally, our Halloween dress up day on Wednesday 31st October was so much fun! We really enjoyed showing off our costumes in school and we had an assembly parade to show them off to the whole school. We also really enjoyed having a dance to lots of spooky Halloween songs.