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Autumn 1 - What do I know about me?

Week beginning 17th October

This week we have been writing about Harvest bake. We have learnt the phonemes 'e', 'f' and 'b' and have practised the phonemes that we have learnt over the last few weeks.


In maths we have been practising our counting skills. We have learnt to organise objects in lines, and to say one number for each item as we count.


In topic we have been thinking about how much we have grown and about how much we have learnt since we were born. Thank you to all the people who sent photographs of your children into school. The children really enjoyed sorting them out and matching the pictures. We have also listened to the story 'Stick Man'. We found sticks in the outdoor environment and made our own 'Stick Men'. We have tasted a range of breads from different countries and we have used dough to make different breads that we will play with in our bakery next half term.


Please continue to practise your sounds over the half term and look at the signs of autumn while you are having fun outdoors.

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Week beginning 10th October

On Monday we read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and throughout the week we have been writing about our favourite fruits and using a word to describe them. Some children liked 'sweet strawberries' and others liked 'juicy oranges'.


In maths we have been exploring different patterns such as colour patterns, shape patterns and sound patterns and we have been looking for patterns all around us. We found patterns in the bricks, patterns on clothes, patterns on the fence and many more. Perhaps you could find some patterns at home.


In topic we have been busy making tray bake for our Harvest bake. We had a fun time and we hope you enjoy the treats at home.

Week Beginning 3rd October 2016


This week we have learnt the phonemes 't, i, n, p, g'. We have been practising reading CVC words and forming the sounds using finger paints! We have also been writing about something we are super at.


In maths we have been learning our numbers 0-10 and their value. We have learned special rhymes to help us form the numerals corretly. Can you practise writing your numbers at home?


In topic this week we have been learning about our senses. We have been outside touching and smelling flowers and herbs. We have also been using our taste senses to taste different fruits such as lemon, apricot, pineapple, kiwi and mango.

As well as this, we have made our potato salad. We have been cutting, peeling, chopping and stirring in mayonnaise and chives. It was delicious! 

Week beginning 26th September

This week we have learnt the phonemes 'm, a, s, d'. We have been practising saying their sounds and writing the letters. We have identified items that begin with their sounds and we have practised writing them in sand. We have also drawn pictures of our families and tried to write their names.

In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes. We have looked closely at the properties of a square, triangle, rectangle and circle and learnt to name each shape.

In topic this week we have made photo frames for our family pictures and we have been practising our fine motor skills by weaving. We have also been outside and dug up our potatoes ready to make something yummy next week.

Week Beginning 19th September

This week we have celebrated 'We are Unique Day' in school. We had a special assembly to celebrate peoples individuality and explore activities we could try. We played sitting volleyball and tried to walk blindfolded! We also put a sock on our hands and tried to write our names and draw pictures whilst blindfolded. 


Throughout the week we have been thinking about what we would like to learn this term in Reception. Some people want to learn to read and write and others want to ride their bikes with no stabilisers or learn how to build towers! 


In maths we have been using 2D shapes to make pictures and talking about the shapes we have used. 

Week beginning 12th September

This week we have welcomed our new friends to our Reception classes. We have had lots of fun getting to know each other. We have written about our first week in Reception and we have listened to lots of stories. We have also started to paint self portraits.

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Week beginning 5th September

This week we were all excited when we started school. We look very smart and grown up in our school uniforms! We have enjoyed playing with the friends that we have missed over the summer holidays and meeting our new teachers. Next week we are looking forward to welcoming our new friends who will be joining us on Monday.

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