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Autumn 1 - Brilliant Bolton

Week ending 13th October 2017


It has been an exciting time to be in year 2 the past few weeks. We have been doing lots of super learning in a variety of subjects. In our English we have been retelling our story of the 3 little pigs. We have changed the main characters in the story and we have written a wonderful traditional tale. The teachers were thrilled with our learning. We have used some contractions, written in the correct tense, used commas and we all have lots of description in our stories.  We are going to be joining the nursery children next week to share our stories with them. It is all very exiting!


In Maths we have been looking at subtracting two-digit numbers using a number line. This is a tricky process as it requires around 5 steps! We have all been doing our best and it shows with the huge progress we have made. Its truly amazing to think we are subtracting from numbers up to 100!


This week was a special week where we have used our science skills. We have conducted our very own investigation about which material will be the best to make a plant pot. We all had a turn at planting bulbs and covering them with compost. We even had a special visit from a spider in one of the pots!!


After pour trip to Bolton last week we have been writing a recount of our trip. It was an amazing trip and we have had super comments about the behaviour of the children on the train and in Bolton. We have talked about the famous areas in our locality which we visited. 


This week we will be sending home a research letter for our next topic all about why penguins and polar bears never meet.


Thank you for all the support you give.

Week ending 29th September 2017


We have had a super week with lots of learning taking place. We have been continuing our learning on adding two, 2 digit numbers. We have been partitioning numbers then adding tens and ones. Sometimes the numbers went over 100!! It is a tricky process and we will be visiting it numerous times over the year.


In English we have had a focus on verbs. We know that a verb is a doing word. We have continued to look at the 3 little pigs and identify verbs in the sentences. We have also had a look at changing the verbs in the Wolf's catchphrase. We have had some super imaginative ideas! 


In science we have continued to look at the suitability of materials ready for our investigation next week. We are going to be looking at the most suitable material to create a plant pot.


In computing we have looked at how to upload the pictures from the ipad and ipod and put them on to the computer so that we can use them! It is a trick process that we will be revisiting over the next few weeks.


Thank you for your donations to the coffee morning it was a huge success. The children and staff had a wonderful time. 


We look forward to seeing you on Monday at our parents pop in!


Week ending 22nd September 2017

We have had another fun filled week in year 2. In Maths we have been looking at adding two 2 digit numbers. We have been partitioning the number and adding the tens and ones together! We are going to continue looking at this next week. If you would like to do any extra practise of this at home and you are unsure of the technique we use in school, please pop in to see a teacher!


In English we have been looking at the three little pigs. We have been watching the silly symphony version and the children have just loved it. We have been using the 3 little pigs to help us describe. We are now all super at writing expanded noun phrases! We are going to be working on the three little pigs for the next few weeks because it links with our science topic of materials.


In science we have all been on a materials hunt. We have had a look around the school yard at different materials and what they have been used to make. We even went to the park to have a look at what different materials have been used for there.


We have continued to look at famous people from Bolton and in particular Samuel Crompton. We have been creating a fact file on him. Thank you very much for all the learning you did at home because the children have amazed us with all the facts they know!


In computing we have used our super camera techniques to go out into the school grounds and take pictures of everything that makes our school amazing!



Week ending 15th September 2017


Our first full week in year 2 has been very very busy. We have been doing some lovely learning and have settled in to how year 2 works. 


In Maths we have been looking at using the <, > and = signs. We have been using our reasoning to say why one number is bigger or smaller than another. Thinks links with our learning from the week before looking at tens and ones. We have been comparing numbers using these signs but because we were so good at it our teachers let us compare different objects on their height and weight. We used our imaginations to think of lots of different items, some people even used a T-rex!


In English we have been looking at expanded noun phrases. We have already learnt what a verb is and what an adjective is and this week we learnt what a noun is. An expanded noun phrase is where you describe the noun in the sentence using adjectives. We found this a little but tricky but our teachers were very impressed with how hard we tried. We are going to continue to look at this next week, linking it to the story of the three little pigs.


In topic we have started looking at different materials and what some materials are used to make. 

We have also started our computing module which is looking at photographing. We have looked all at the different devices we can take a photo on as well as what makes a good photo. We are going to take pictures of  all the super things at our school to help the reception children settle in.


Learning challenge: Could you ask your child to describe everyday objects using adjectives? eg. The juicy, red apple. 

Week ending 8th September 2017


Welcome back to school! We have had a wonderful first week in year 2 and we have already been doing some super learning.


In Maths we started the week by practising our counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. We practised counting forwards and backwards! This is something that we are going to keep pactising over the year and see just how good we can get at it! :)

We then ended the week by partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones. We are already really good at this which has made our teachers smile! It will help us with our learning throughout year 2!


In English this week we have been writing about our favourite day from the holidays. We started off by creating a plan and writing some past tense verbs and adjectives around our drawings to help us with our sentences. We then started the writing of our story in our best handwriting. The teachers were super impressed with our work and then we had a look together at how we could make it even better!


We have started our topic work on Bolton by looking at what a famous person is. We then had a look at some famous people from Bolton and what they are famous for.


Next week the children will be bringing home reading books for you to read with them and also spellings.