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Autumn 1 - All About Me!

Week Beginning 16th October 2017

This week has been another wonderful and busy week in Nursery! Throughout the week we have had lots of parents/carers coming to Nursery to stay and play with us. This was a lot of fun and we have really enjoyed showing our grown ups all the fun and exciting things we do whilst we are in Nursery. 


We have also been baking some biscuits this week for our Harvest Bake. We did a super job at helping to weigh ingredients, stir the mixture and cut out our biscuits. Thank you to everybody who donated money to buy our biscuits, all the money will be donated to the Street Life Project in Kitwe. 


Finally, those who attend Nursery on a Wednesday morning all came on a trip to visit Eagley Court Home. We all walked there and the children behaved amazingly, we are so proud! When we arrived, we enjoyed taking part in lots of different Halloween activities! We made Halloween masks, created ghosts, made witch hats and played different games such as 'hook a hat!' Thank you very much to Eagley Court Home for being so accommodating and a huge thank you to all of the parents that gave up their morning so that our trip was able to go ahead. 


Have a lovely half term week and stay safe! Thank you for all your support during our first half term in Nursery together. Nursery Team. 

Week Beginning 9th October 2017

This week we have been learning lots about colours! In the water tray we  have been sorting the colourful balls, on the creative table we have been making Autumn leaf pictures and in the paint we have been mixing colours. 


As part of our colourful learning this week, we have also been reading lots of different Elmer the elephant stories. We have loved listening to all the stories and we have even created our own Elmer elephants. We used colourful squares and talked about the colours we are using.


Another part of our colour learning has involved some very exciting investigations. We have explored putting white flowers in different coloured water to see if the petals will change colour when they drink it. We have also created a colourful volcano using baking soda, vinegar and paint!


In addition, this week we have also been in our first ever assembly in the hall! Everybody sat beautifully, we listened fabulously.This was to listen to our friend John tell us all about why we take part in Harvest bake next week. The children enjoyed learning about the charity in Kitwe and seeing all of the different clothes they often wear. 


Nursery will be selling their Harvest bake biscuits on Monday and Wednesday after school. Please bring £1 and come to buy them! All money will be given to charity.


Have a lovely weekend. Nursery Team.

Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

Wow, what another busy week at Nursery! We started the week by reading the story 'The Mixed Up Chameleon.' This was a story about a chameleon who changed into lots of different colours and wasn't very happy as himself! After  trying to be like everybody else, he realised that he preferred being himself. We found out that the chameleon was called Rainbow, because he wrote a letter to Nursery! 


The letter asked all the children to show him the wonderful different colours he could be and so we enjoyed painting and colouring lots of chameleon pictures.


We have also thoroughly enjoyed learning abouteven more healthy foods this week. We talked about fruit being good for our bodies and decided to experiment by making healthy smoothies and milkshakes! We used a range of ingredients such as pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, banana, milk and apple juice. These were very tasty and we had lots of fun making them! Could you experiment and make some healthy smoothies at home?


This week we have given out letters about a 'stay and play' session at Nursery in a couple of weeks. If your child hasn't brought a letter home, please ask a member of the Nursery team to give you one.


Have another wonderful weekend! :)

Week Beginning 25th September 2017

What an exciting week we have had! This week has been our first week as a completed Nursery class. We have all made new friends and have enjoyed getting to know each other. 


We have been exploring the outdoors and making the most of our super vegetable plot! We all worked hard digging up lots of carrots, potatoes and onions. Once we dug them out of the ground, they were all dirty so we had to wash them too. Then we peeled, chopped and boiled all of our delicious vegetables to make a tasty soup! It was delicious and it was wonderful to learn about healthy foods and where some of them come from.


As well as this we have been busy exploring the messy table and using our fingers to draw lines and circles in shaving foam. We have also had fun exploring some icy dinosaur eggs! We had to find different ways to melt the ice using salt and warm water. It was lots of fun!


Finally, some of our parents came to the Macmillan coffee morning and some  of our children joined them! The children whose parents couldn't make it, enjoyed a tasty biscuit and juice in class! 


Have a super weekend, see you next week!

Week Beginning 18th September 2017

This week we have really enjoyed meeting even more of our Nursery children and we are almost a completed Nursery class! It has been lovely to see the new friendships developing between children and how well we are all settling in.


This week we have been talking about our families using the family photo's that you have sent! We have also created our own photo frames to display these lovely pictures. If you have not yet e-mailed a picture of your child and their family then please do so as soon as possible. Please e-mail one photo to 


We have also spent more time outside this week and the children have really enjoyed this! We are all doing really well at getting our own suit pants, coats and wellies on! Can you practise getting dressed yourself at home?


Have a great weekend and we look forward to more fun next week!

Week Beginning 11th September 2017

This week the first of our Nursery children have joined us and we have had lots of fun! We have had some tears as we are beginning to settle in to our new environment, however after lots of cuddles we have enjoyed playing with all of our new friends. 


This week we have been very busy as we have been looking in mirrors and painting our gorgeous self-portraits! We have discussed what colour our eyes, hair and lips are. If you would like to have a look at them, they are displayed in Nursery.


Please can everybody send in their family photo to as part of our 'All about me' topic learning. Please be aware that this photo will be displayed in Nursery. 


We have a lovely week and we look forward to meeting the rest of our new Nursery class next week. Have a lovely weekend :)

Week Beginning 4th September 2017


Hello to all of our Nursery parents/carers! This week has been lovely getting to know both you and your child. We have had a lovely time at our stay and play sessions and we are already looking forward to the next two weeks as you and your child start your Eagley journey. Over the first half term our topic will be 'All about me' and you can see our topic web to find out all the things we plan to do over the next few weeks.

Another way of staying up to date on what is happening around school is by following our Twitter account @EagleyInfant


Have a lovely weekend and we will see the first of our Nursery class next week.