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Autumn 1

Week beginning 19th October

This week we read the story 'The Gruffalo'. We went outside and made a large collage picture from the story using different resources. In maths we cut out and counted the spikes on the Gruffalo's back. We also learned how to tally; we found out our friends favourite colours. Red was the most popular!


We learned new sound 'o' this week. Maybe you could practise making words using your flash cards for example, mat.

Week Beginning 12th October 2015


This week we have been reading the story Funny Bones. We have learned that we all have a skeleton and we have been drawing our skeletons using chalk. We have also compared ourselves to our friends by looking at things such as hair colour and height.


We learned the sounds n and p. Can you look around your house for things that begin with these sounds?


We have been recording data in numeracy and have done a survey each day. On Monday we found out how many children liked carrots and how many did not! We have also used pictograms to see which is receptions favourite snack.


Maybe you could practise writing numbers 1-10 at home.

Week beginning 5th October
This week we have been very busy baking marshmallow cakes to raise money for the 'Street Life' charity we support in Kitwe, Africa. Thank you for all your kind donations, we hope you enjoyed tasting the cakes we made.
We have also been practising to form numerals. We practised by painting numbers and writing them in foam.
Maybe you could practise some more at home.
Week beginning 28th September
This week we read the story Oliver's Vegetables and sequenced the pictures. Oliver thought he didn't like vegetables but he soon changed his mind. We tasted some of the vegetables that Oliver had tried and most of us think that peppers are tasty. We also set up a grocers shop outside. We had to buy vegetables from the shop to make a soup.
We have been practising the sounds we have already learned m, a, s and d. We are really good at writing them. This week we have learned the sounds t and i.
We have also been practising numbers by writing and painting them.  Maybe you could try this at home.

Week beginning 21st September 2015


This week we have been learning about shape. We went on a shape hunt in our outdoor area to see what we could find. We found lots of different shapes.

We also learned the sounds m, a, s, and d. Have a look around your home for objects beginning with these sounds.
This week we have been settling in and making new friends. We have been getting to know our class rabbit Petal and our fish Comet.
Earlier this week we dug up some potatoes from our school garden. We were amazed at how many we found in the soil. Today we washed, chopped and boiled them. They were yummy!