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Autumn 1

Week beginning 19th October

This week we have been practising our fine and gross motor skills. We played in shaving foam and practised drawing straight, curvy and zig zag lines. We also explored large spaces in the hall. We moved in lots of different ways to music and we found out that we can do lots of things with our bodies. At story time we have been thinking about animals that go to sleep in the winter and we learnt a new word 'hibernate'.


After half term we will be counting with conkers, leaves and pine cones. If you go on a nature walk over the holidays anything you have found will be greatfully received.


Have a lovely holiday. Keep safe.



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Week beginning 12th October

This week we have been exploring our feelings and thinking about what makes us feel happy, sad, excited and cross. On Wednesday we took part in 'No Pens Wednesday' and did speaking and listening activities. We played a game where we had to clap the syllables in our names and another game called "Guess Who" where we had to listen to the description of one of our friends and guess who was being described. It was lots of fun. Perhaps you could play these games at home.

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Week beginning 5th October

This week we have been thinking about children who live in Kitwe in Africa. We have learnt that they aren't as lucky as ourselves so we have baked and sold bread. On Friday John Seddon from the Street Life Project came to collect the money that we raised and he will send it to the children who need it. Lots of adults commented on how yummy the bread was and what good bakers we are!

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Week Beginning 28th September

This week we have been talking about our families and people that are special to us. We have created a picture of our houses out of collage and we have been learning to ride our balance bikes outdoors.


Next week we will be making bread to raise money for the charity we support in Kitwe, Africa. Any donations will be gratefully received.

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Week beginning 21st September

This week we have welcomed more new friends and have had lots of fun in our outdoor learning environment. We are getting used to putting our outdoor suits on and are having great fun in our mud kitchen making chocolate!

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Week beginning 14th September

In Nursery we have been busy settling in and making new friends. Next week we will be meeting more of our new friends and painting pictures of ourselves.

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